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Solid Tie Brands

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What are some of your favorite tie brands? Besides the Brooks, It's hard for me to find a brand that carries a nice variety but that is still wallet friendly. Any thoughts?
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The sale ties are not too expensive.
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Drake's of London do indeed make very nice ties.
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J Crew often has nice solid colors, though it's not like the tie-quality is Hermes or anything. You can get them on sale for sub $40.
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I've been very happy with Mountain & Sackett. Quality, American-made, excellent customer service. (Free shipping on returns and they shorten the ties for me for free, too.) Especially like the wool ties. Edit: Forgot to add, lots of sale price ties for around $50.
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Holliday & Brown, Battistoni, Barbera, and Drake's are my favorites.
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Drakes are not what I would call wallet-friendly.
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Lands End makes a nice cheap tie.
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J Press - though the store wide sale just ended a couple of weeks ago. I snagged a linen one and a silk one and am very happy with the knots they tie
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Brioni makes a lot of solid ties. Also, you can't beat Sam Hober. He makes a bunch of different colors.
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Loving my Kent Wang knit grenadines.
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You didn't specify *how* wallet-friendly. For the sale price (I've bought them as low as $5, $10 is usually what I find them when they're an "old style" item) I love Michael Kors ties. They're soft, pretty thick, and durable. I've seen solid, stripe, and other patterns too, depending on whatever you may need. Mine have lasted me a few years.

Take this with a grain of salt, my post count probably tips you off that I'm not a knowledgable veteran yet.
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Kiton and Borrelli. Ebay has tons of them.
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