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Looking for some non-Polo (RL) polos.

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I'm looking for some polo shirts with logos other than the ubiqitous Polo player, Lacoste crocodile, and BB Golden Fleece.

I live in Dallas, so I don't see a lot of Vineyard Vines whales, which is an option. I've seen that Perlis in New Orleans has a crawfish logo, another option.

Any other suggestions? I'd prefer stores with an online option, but I'd be willing to make a few phone calls.

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Le Tigre is nice...
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I like Penguins. RL Purple Label is another option. American Apparel, if you don't mind interlock rather than pique.
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Zegna and Brioni make nice cotton polos.
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There's always Burberry.
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Thanks for the replies. Keep them coming.

RL Purple Label, Zegna, and Brioni are a little more than I'm wanting to spend for ultra-casual wear. Although, I did try on a Zegna at Neiman's a few weeks ago that was absolutely outstanding. I intend to lose some weight and hate to waste $100+ on a casual shirt I may wear for a season or two. If I was buying with the intention of wearing the same size for awhile, I'd definitely go the more high quality route.

I'm really just wanting some basic shirts with logos every third person isn't wearing.
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Honestly, hit some thrift stores. They have racks of polos generally, often in excellent condition and, of course, cheap. I buy pretty much all my polos at thrift.

You could always get polos without any logo at all, of course.
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Vineyard vines. I like the actual shirt better than RL, Lacoste, or Burberry anyway.
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I second Penguin, as their fits are immaculate. Slim waist and short arms. The drawback is that the cotton is on the flimsy side, but with good care it should last.

If you don't mind breaking the bank, John Smedley.
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Brooks Brothers had nice pima cotton polos this summer for around $30 on sale. J.Crew always carries a wide range in summer. Both of these come sans logo.
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