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English Laundry shirts

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Anyone know anything about English Laundry shirts? I'm digging this one...
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I don't own any, but I kind of enjoy that they seemingly just ram a dozen different styling ideas at random into every shirt.

"Okay, take this stripe fabric, cut it on the bias here and here, run some baroque embroidery down the back and sleeves, applique some contrasting stripe fabric down the chest, put some floral detailing under the placket and collar, and close the French cuffs with Union Jack snaps. Then dip-dye the bottom half."

Some are pretty awful as a result, but there's one or two I might wear.

Be aware that some models are sold by International Male.

EDIT: Some of the fabrics are blends, IIRC.
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i like english laundry,its has a slim fit and nice embroideries,some of their designs may be awkward but i'l buy that shirt
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The pattern looks like technicolor vomit.
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I saw some that were borderline wearable, til I realised they'd scribbled "Arrogant" across the shoulder. Tacky!
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i own 3 english laudnry shirts and i love them. You dont relaize how nice they are into you actually wear them. Yea some are tacky i have to say but great quality for the money. Hand sewn very soft shirts. I have to say i will own more.
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Please leave the cuffs open and flipped up once while wearing. Also, they'd look great with your Rock and Republic designer denim. Pair with Mark Nason boots for "going out" look.
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