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Speaking of wallets, what kind of wallet do you guys currently use? I need an upgrade.
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I use an SLP cardholder and a moneyclip. April in Paris would be my recommendation unless you want to ball out for the traditional big name leather goods brands... she's based in SF and trained/worked at Hermes.
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Recently bought wallet from forum affiliate Neo Nouveau. Navy box calf, off white goatskin interior. You should check the thread out.

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Stocked up on my favorite stuff

Exchanged my Cream and Havana Valextra Passport Wallet for the all Havana one, got lucky and found the only one in stock

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I've used lv dark grey taiga long wallet, lv black epi pochette clefs (silver hw), black goyard bifold, black croc montblanc carholder, none has stood out over another though I like bifolds the least, also have a couple chewy aniline leather beaters, currently using brown gator cdgh+
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Originally Posted by SuperBobo View Post

got these pants from Hope to try to push my borders a bit, already starting to regret it . Will let them down an inch. Kind wish they were 5 inches longer though, and less tapered...

Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

sell them to aether


Theyr'e rad, but I agree on letting them out a little more. That's a great cut though...

furthermore, what are the boots?
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I bought a pair of CP Achilles to replace my Margiela GATs, they're alright but I missed the GATs so just bought another pair.. Set for white trainers for awhile I guess
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I use tupperware as a wallet.

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^Smart idea, waterproof that way.
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Hopefully, they turn out well.
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^Check out Head-fi

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sized up on both. hopefully they fit.
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GATs from, such a nice experience compared to End, and I personally like those dudes.

Heschung Apache in corde suede from

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@kgfan5 if you got the size 6 from Yoox, it might be ridiculously big. My little brother returned that and it was even too big for me. I think we're similarly sized
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the bigger question iz did you or ur bro leave a note for me?
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