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twinning with Tirailleur



Warning: Details! (Click to show)


Levis 501


Also tried with dana lee chinos (Click to show)

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that's so nice dishy

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almost exactly what i would have done lol


shoes are great though i sort of wish i had those instead of ann d peepwall[1].gif

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that first fit............
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Originally Posted by NewYorkIslander View Post
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




ok clearly now you are just doing this on purpose

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I think i like the split facted cdg shirt better than the congruent one. nice with the eototo btw dishy. if I were japan size friendly I would make that and sasquach my thing.

nyr you gotta stop with the colorized kicks they're making you look like i dude i hope you're not (at least i hope so)
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I am 99% sure NYR/NYI is just a troll now
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He is psyching himself out
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Picture quality couldn't be much worse, still trying to get the hang of this.



Jacket- ShadesofGrey

Shirt- TbyAlexanderWang

Trousers- Rag and Bone

Shoes- Puma

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That's a fucked up comment if he's actually trying
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you guys are fucking dicks
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I don't even see how those fits are outta line with his other ones to make people think he's trolling
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Double post
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