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Bread looks good.
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Originally Posted by snake View Post

Good stuff, breezy

I have that Damir shirt, but in scarf form. Thanks to our resident enabler in chief.

cool beans. i really like diaphanous scarves. i have a big green silk one from nonnative - was tempted to buy that damir one but i have both the green and red in the tshirt already... but if u ever want to get rid of it you know who to pm smile.gif
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Bread looks good.

was p good bread, man. had it with some spanish serrano prosciutto and some smoked gruyere and olives and some herbage and vino. good times chillin w friends, nomsain?
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post


Weird, I had this same dream the other night...
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InHocSignio is one of those recurring themes that made me come back to SF

People just dont have the resolve to look past an obvious troll

They have to set him right on how SW&D works

Meanwhile he is actually dictating the direction of the dialogue. Its brilliant and endlessly entertaining
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breezy, deets on where you kopped the anns?
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"80+ new posts" had me nervous at first; but then I saw that it was just Fuuma calling out some joker for being an idiot. This was nice.
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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

breezy, deets on where you kopped the anns?
lncc maybe like a little under a year ago on bigsale
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lolol just wait til 60% comes around again i'ma get those white hi's
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Not my fav bbirch post
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Am I the only one that thinks that bows N(N) jacket and hat look sort of silly? I like all the zippers and the shape of the jacket, but that pattern uhoh.gif
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guys what the fuck is this shit




I have to say that I am a little disappointed to find that you agreed with the statement that "posters with a condescending tone and faux politeness are way worse than actual assholes" -- a comment that was obviously directed at me. Not because that's a false statement; I just don't want to come off that way, if I am indeed coming off that way. I don't believe my tone is condescending, and I really do try to be polite out of training, not falsity. I'm not concerned because of who wrote it -- random posters on SF are a dime-a-dozen, I could care less -- but because you are a senior member, someone both of whose fashion and posting style I respect quite a bit. If I'm coming off that way to you, that really does bother me.

If you have any short advice for me, of how I might improve my interactions that thread, or in general, I would appreciate it. Have I had a negative interaction with you that you remember particularly? If you're too busy to respond, or this simply isn't worth your time, I can understand that too.

PS: One reason I'm surprised you agreed is because I remember you were treated quite poorly in that thread once. I can't quite remember the fit, but you posted some new thing you tried, and were just blasted by someone saying it just didn't work right with the shoes or the jacket or something. I remember thinking to myself, "Does WAYWT really have to work that way?" But neither am I a crusader, either; if WAYWT has been working like that, it's been working, and I've never thought I'm in any position to make demands on it.

Thanks for reading,

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Originally Posted by Liam O View Post

Figured I'd get the SWD take on this fit as I'm not wearing a collared shirt, sport coat, or even vaguely MC appropriate pants or footwear. Prepared to be reamed.




Liam... is this actually you?  You grew a beard?  This looks nothing like you.

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Note to self: never PM Stanley. uhoh.gif
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