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I'm really trying to work on incorporating more textures. I've got the basics down and I'm trying to decide where to go from here.

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^ lose the boat shoes.
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New members get ripped all the time. Maybe it's a little bit excessive and we could be kinder about it, but I like to think that no one who gets their fit ripped on the internet actually thinks it's a reflection on how good they are at anything in life other than dressing up. Some of them react quite well (Benseyed and snowman come to mind), and almost none of them react as poorly as Isachenko has.

On another note, WAYWT has stepped it up to a whole new level lately. So many sick fits, keep doing your thing guys
Originally Posted by skitlets View Post

^ lose the boat shoes.

This is such a Styleforum™ reflex, I think the shoes work fine here
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I dislike because of the cargo pants.
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They're Oak Street Vibram Camp boots, so moc toe, not boat shoes. I'm willing to hear any constructive criticism, no matter how harsh it may be.

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not a big fan of the sloppy fleece jacket, rest of the fit seems ok.
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IMO fit's pretty flawless for what it is. could be more "interesting" but there's not much to criticize.
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dc folks will recognize that fit as "the guy who spilled beer on me that one time in adams morgan"
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even though I'm not wearing shoes i'm just going to post this here because there is too much text.


forget u den mask
forget u den asymmetrical ma-1
forget u den logo shirt
forget u den tapered trousers
forget u den socks
forget u den 1460 mono black.

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I want stichy to out who he has blocked
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*snitches get stiches pun*
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Forget u den boat shoes.
Remember u den winterish boots.
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

presumably it cant. which is one of many reasons i dont put offensive posters on ignore. or anyone really. i only have 1 person on ignore, and that is because he is a waste of space in every way.
stop what? what have i done, my man?

Wait you have yourself on block?
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clearly he has obama on block
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Originally Posted by noob View Post

Are you kidding me? Brad's whole MO is to be as horrible to every new member as humanly possible, then hide behind our best PC intentions when inevitably, insult after insult, someone finally calls the man in tights and lipstick a transexual (which, by the way, is his custom title).

Being PC is easy. It's an easy stance. It's easy to care, or to appear to care, about people in the abstract, when it suits your interests. It's just as easy to look beyond this at someone's actual behavior -- the way they, you know, actually treat people, real people -- and see just what a load of crap that is.

Forget Isa. Remember Bortelli? He wasn't a troll. He came here posting fits, asking noob questions, seeking advice, hoping to participate. And like countless others, he suffered a zillion provocations from Brad, and like countless others, he was very restrained in his response. And like many others, he was driven away in short order by another reprehensible thumb-seeking post in which he was told he was basically useless as a human being.

Good times.

Hey, glad I read this. Thought I'd give styleforum a second chance. You guys aren't that bad after all.
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