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Where to go in England??

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So my gf & I will be going to England for three weeks this May & June. Her mom's side of the family is over in Bedford (about 45 minutes from London) so room and board for the most part will be free and we plan on staying at YMCAs and hostels when we travel. We are definitely going to London, Bath, Bakewell (in Derbyshire to see the Chatsworth Estate) & probably York. We also plan on going to maybe Barcelona, Seville or Carcassone for a few days.

Do you guys have any suggestions? Is Liverpool worth a visit? We both rather prefer quaint towns and villages.
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I intend to visit the Cotswolds this summer if I dont go to Scotland. http://www.cntraveller.com/guides/eu.../where-to-stay Other areas rated highly are Devon, Cornwall and the Lake District. http://www.cntraveller.com/guides/europe/england
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Northampshire is the shoe mecca...
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Nice 'quaint' small cities and towns not mentioned are: Winchester Salisbury Stratford Chester Wells Oxford Cambridge Lincoln Cheltenham Durham Stamford Ely If you are going to Bakewell got to Matlock Bath too. There's a good youth hostel in Catleton. Stamford and Ely are nearish to Bedford.
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Thank you gentlemen!
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Def Oxford for some punting!
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One of my TAs is from Oxford and he raves about it all the time. Must be a nice place.
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Originally Posted by Tangfastic View Post


Make sure it's Stratford-Upon-Avon (as in Shakespeare) and NOT Stratford in London. The latter, apart from being a building site for the 2012 Olympics, is a great place to get forcibly relieved of your precious SF-approved belongings.

Some of the villages around the area of the Norfolk Broads are very nice too.
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I spent yesterday pub crawling in Oxford and it deffo reminded me how much I love that city.

I found Liverpool to be very friendly with a lot of interesting things to do / see. For some reason its one of my favourite English cities.

Cornwall is great, but you really need to rent a car to be able to cruise around and visit all the little seaside towns and country markets and pubs and stuff.

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Other than three weeks is not enough for London, check out Oxford, Cambridge, Stratford-upon-Avon, Salisbury, Howarth, Windsor, Eton, York, Canterbury, Lake District, and a million others. Enjoy.
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I know three weeks is not enough, but it sure beats two weeks!
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Oxford is hands-down the most beautiful town I have ever seen.
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Seems like Oxford is a must!
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You could take a drive to Cheddar, it's about a 2 hour drive from London. Also around London there's a lot of elaborate caves and tunnel systems that are open to the public if you're the exploring type, these actually end up being a lot of fun. Near the Maidenhead/Stoke Poges area the first ever bar/pub is still open for business, it's a really cool looking place.
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for a true dose of english culture head down to the Dog racing in Milton Keynes
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