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mauro - i just placed an order. do you have it packed up to ship yet?
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yes, sir. I sure do! You picked up the last wine tee.
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Shark- I am dropping your stuff off today. Please contain the beast. I would hate to see your stuff ruined. Me and Mia laugh every time we drive by your house, now.
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Wearing the pine green oxford right now, the last few batches of shirts feel a bit bigger than the old one, but I love the color! Also the wool sweater is crazy soft and warm and at the sale price was an absolute steal!

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Maybe you have lost weight. Same fabric same factory same pattern.

Bubba- I hope you get mauled by wolves and eminem groupies.
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Mauro have you shipped out my stuff yet?

Anyway for the chinos.. Haven't heard anything back from you
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Ha, that would be a good way to look at it, may try a S BD next time

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^^ good thinking,

Brandon, I did. I will have the chinos ready when by the 6th so I will let you know then, ok?
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Okay! Fine with me smile.gif
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Hey Mauro -- I'm really interested in finding out what the difference between "full fashion" and "whole garment" is. Apologies to everyone if it's a dumb question. I WANT TO LEARN!

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It's not a dumb question at.

Whole garment construction is seamless. It's made as a "whole garment". It wastes less yarn and drapes better for certain pieces. It really shouldn't rip because the is no linking involved.

Full Fashion construction is sew in panels and then linked together. So when you sweaters rips that's why. The linking gives out. The pros to full fashion are intarsia and plackets. I can go deeper into the whole system later. I have to met a chick for lunch and drop RDK off. We just finished his suit.
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Yeah, I'd love to hear more. But when I look at my shirts, they seem to be linked together, put together in different pieces? Is there a difference to what you're referencing compared to full fashion? Also, I'm assuming full fashion can be more like an assembly line where they make different parts, and then assemble them together. Where as whole garment maybe more personal, where it's put together in one spot?


Tell RKD to take pics of his suit...

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i will soon ... patience is a virtue.

been super busy with the new job and then got sick after thanksgivnig dinner with mauro and his fam and friends. i blame the ridiculous amount of food!!!

but anyway i had to meet with mauro during my lunch break for final tweaking on the suit. i should get it back in a week or somethign when mauro's back from LA, then ill post pics

in the meantime, quick pics of mauro in his knicker suit, cashmere sweater, and old school run of shirts with wolverine 1000 mile boots

quick pic of me in the size medium (sized up 1) wine henley ... if you are a skinny asian or have a small chest, sizing up 1 NOT 2 is all that is needed. its very stretchy and this was right out of the vinyl

size small (normal size) wine t-shirt

size small BD pinpoint spread collar shirts (AMAZING) ... excuse the wrinkles since this was straight from vinyl packaging

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more of what has already been said ... these t-shirts are the softest things ever. feels more like pajama/lounge wear haha. the colors are great too and the pics online and posted do not show justice. it has a great speckled contrast throughout. navy, charcoal, wine all look great. i agree about a beefier rib at the arm hole though for next season and a slimmer arm throughout which mauro and i discussed. regardless these are a steal at the $30ish price for toteholders

for the henleys, i only have to size up 1. once you move in it and it stretches a bit, its more form fitting. sizing up 2 if you want a looser fit. ive owned all of mauro's previous henley/thermals and this is by far the best. the most substantial feel and fabric to date. its a great weight that feels thick and warm but yet soft and stretchy and perfect for layering

lastly, the new spread collar shirts are perfect for work. he also has the same two colors/fabric in button down collars as well. staple for any work/business casual wardrobe. the sheen and texture of the blue especially is great and on point. the fabric is 120-2ply or something like that ... mauro can chime in but its a great weight and feel
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