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Proper sleeve length

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Now that my Janzten shirt has been through the wash a few times and whatever shrinking may take place is done with, I was wondering if this is the proper sleeve length.  I've never had to worry about it before as I usually just rolled up my sleeves, but now that I will soon have to wear a suit on a semi-regular basis, I need to determine if the length is correct.  I found that the one suit's sleeves that I have currently is about the same length as this shirt's sleeves.  So do I need to alter my suit or add another half inch or so to the shirt on my next Janzten order?
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Add another half inch to the shirt -- no question.
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Yes, I'd definately say that you need to go a bit longer. When looking at magazines, the end of the suit/shirt sleeve comes to about 1" down from where your cuff ends (when the models are relaxed and have their hands down at their sides). This allows for movement in the arms without the sleeves creeping up, as you probably know. I'd recommend 1/2" to 1" longer next time. However, those sleeves will be fine when worn casually and the cuffs unbuttoned and/or the sleeves rolled up.
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bvlin: I am sorry if I might be the only one here, but I think you should adjust your suit length according to the sleeves, not vice versa. Shirt length deals with comfort, while suit length is pure aesthetic.  The shirt length on the first picture seems too long, as it is rubbing against your palm, which will creat a great deal of discomfort when it gets warm and the cuffs will pick up a dirt ring easily (from natural bodily perspiration).   The second picture may need another 1/8" to look better, but then again, if you are comfortable with it, then leave it at that.  Adjust your suit sleeves accordingly now.  Shirt sleeves move a bit if your cuff buttons are positioned right. Naturlaut
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Oops, I said that you may need an additional .5" to 1". I now change my answer, because I saw that you originally said you had washed the shirt a few times and it had shrunk (I based my original estimate of 1/2 - 1" on a virgin, unwashed, unshrunk shirt). I agree with naturlaut that you should base the shirt length on your personal comfort level. He also brings up a good point with the dirt ring forming easily on a sleeve too close to your palms. My new answer is an additional 1/8" to 1/4" if you feel the shirt is too short right now. If you feel comfortable with the shirt as it is, leave it.
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It's a bit difficult to see in the photograph but it seems to me, that there is more (bunched up) sleeve length available. The relative narrow cuffs stop the shirt from falling down below the point where the wrist stops the shirt cuffs. Undo the cuff buttons, how low do the shirt sleeves go now?
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The point about the dirt ring is a good one, I think. I think that Bengal Stripe has a better point, and one that I was going to make -- the wrist looks just a little tight. You might actually be better off increasing your wrist measurement by 1/4 inch or so. Also, you might consider decreasing the cuff size (i.e., the length of the cuff). I think that if you like to wear the cuff that tight, a shorter cuff will look more elegant and less binding.
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I think we are trying to fix the problem of the first picture, right? Since you are probably holding the sleeve with the other hand in the second picture. I think the root of the problem is the cuff button.  The first picture shows the sleeve dropping down to where the wrist/palm bends --- meaning when you bend your hand inwards the cuff at the wrist will bend together too.  Move the button inward 1/8" to 1/4" and your problem will be solved. The sleeve, unbuttoned, should stop somewhere around the knuckle of your thumb. Naturlaut
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The right position to check if sleeves lenght is correct is not only arms along the body but arms making 90° with body as if you were watching what time it is on your watch. In this position, cuffs had not to move and not to show your wrist. So I think your sleeves are too short of 1 inch...
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