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Not sure where you're located but check out K & L wines online -- their recommendations and top sellers are typically all excellent.

Wine recommendations are often only as good as your ability to pick them up and many of the great bargains out there are often by smaller producers or in wines that may not be widely available.

If you're near a Whole Foods market, they have a Kermit Lynch labeled Cotes du Rhone from 2004 that's a great inexpensive bottle -- at $10 it's hard to beat and should be widely available.
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Originally Posted by alflauren
My wine bible is the San Francisco Chronicle's wine competition winners list. I usually just buy their top selections, and I've never had a bad bottle. Plus, their top selections are usually pretty easy to come by. They organize wines by type and price, so it's easy to pick a wine under a certain amount.
thanks for this - i'm going to print a few of these pages. really useful!
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You have to get a little lucky, but in a very good year from top-flight (i.e., not widely available) producers, generic Burgundy can be very satisfying and is generally just north or south of $20. Potel's old vines blend from 1999 is superb. But you have to hit a year when even the floor sweepings are good.
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Andrew Murray's "Tous les jours" Syrah is very good if you like big fruit. It's kind of hard to find though.

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There are a few bottlings from the Veneto that are amazingly consistent and always offer great value. I'm thinking of La Palazzola and La Grola from Allegrini (who makes divine Amarone that can even be called a value at $60 or so) and Zenato Valpolicella Ripassa (which is a Valpolicella that is allowed to macerate with the spent pits/skins used to make Amarone).

Skalogre's recommendation of Taurino's entry level bottling, Salice Salentino, is a good one, but for just a little more you can have their Notarpanaro, which is several steps above the base wine in quality. It's a great example of (good) traditional southern Italian wine - aged in barrel/tank for several years before release, which is more and more a rarity in Italy (although plenty of Spanish producers still do this).

Moving north, I really like some Dolcettos, particularly from the Dogliani region. Luigi Einaudi comes to mind, but there's a lot of producers there that specialize in the varietal. It's really incredible how dark a wine Dolcetto can produce, considering its reputation for lightness (a term which is usually used perjoratively when applied to the Dolcetto).

There's a zillion Cotes du Rhones that will fit the bill, but for $20 you should be able to get a decent Gigondas or Vacqueyras that will offer more interest. One of my all-time favorite sub-$20 reds is Domaine du Cayron's Gigondas - certainly meaty and sauvage, but also sweet and approachable.

With the past string of very ripe vintages in Bordeaux (starting with 2003), the quality of wine produced by the lesser chateaux has jumped, so there's a variety of bargains there. Maybe check out a well-reputed Fronsac like Fontenil, which IIRC is one of Michel Rolland's original properties.

In California, I'd zero in on Zinfandel for value red wine. Rosenblum comes to mind (although only a fraction of their bottlings are sub-$20 now), as does Edmeades. A lot of Zins from Amador are also relatively inexpensive.

I could go many countries...Spain, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Australia...

Take a look at the montly newsletter from Wine Exchange for some good tips on lesser known and undervalued wines from around the world:
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