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Question on a Brioni fabric

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Hi there,

lucky me i inhereted some brioni suits and tweed jackets from one of my uncles. here are two questions regarding a db black suit (the style is called caligola) : inside it is marked 60% wm and 40 % wo. what would this translate to? further, this particular suit is a bit broad on my shoulders. i had shoulders altered on cheaper suits, but i fear it could ruin the craftsmanship involved in the construction of the shoulder. what would you recommend ?
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Hi Ollie,

WM is Mohair, WO is wool. Regarding the shoulders - if you have yourself a very good tailor, it may be worth it altered to have it fit correctly. I always say that it is better to have a cheap suit that fits well rather than an expensive suit that is ill-fitting. But first and foremost you must have a tailor who can perform such a task with expertise.

All the best,

Ben (ebay honest*goods)
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hi ben, thank you for your post. i absolutely share your opininion regarding the fitting of suits. but as is said my aunt gave the suit to me. the shoulders are realy only a tad bit to large. i will have to rethink the hole problem. it is pretty hard here to find an excellent tailor. as for the fabric, it is a pretty shiny black. the feel reminds me a bit of a wool/linen mixture.
thanks again, ollie
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good evening (at least in europe),

i solved the problem with the fit of the shoulders that i have described above.
now i do have some more questions regarding this particular brioni suit.
as i pointed out it is a(6-button) db suit in a quite shiny black (naturally for me, know that i know a high % is mohair).
now, gentlemen, please your suggestions, to wich occasions would you wear a suit like this? i don`t quite see myself with this suit during daytime. i figure it would be nice for dinner or opera, when a tuxedo would be a little to much.
regarding this, should the trousers be with or without cuff? and what about accessories? any input and suggestions are appreciated.
thank you
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Rather than start another thread, I thought I'd ask my question here:

What is Brioni fabric code WV? I have a pair of Brioni trousers marked in this way. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by thinman
What is Brioni fabric code WV?

WV is virgin wool
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