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Clothing garment storage

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I want to build garment storage in my main house including temp/humidity control. Does anybody have any suggestions or guides? I have attempted to find some information but nothing seems to be clear or a good guide. Someone on the forum must work in the industry where they store clothing. I have used the storage option with my dry cleaners but frankly it costs a fortune, I worry about not getting my items back, and it isn't convenient as I sometimes travel to cold climates with little notice.

Would the ideal storage for clothing be similar to say a fur/leather vault? The cost of storing furs could pay for custom closet rather quickly. There is a company in NYC that charges a few hundred per month for clothing storage - tick tock my own closet could be paid for at this rate.

I have/inherited a large quilt collection which I think should be stored in a controlled climate. Some of the quilts are worth several thousand dollars and the sentimental value is beyond this. As much as some of us spend on clothing I am sure some members have a system. I appreciate any guidance.
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I suggest that you cover the walls with cedar, and then cover the cedar with washed muslin. The fumes would still get through but your items would not touch the wood. Also you want a couple of inches between the garments and the wall. I'm thinking you probably want the quilts on shelves. You might want to call a museum for additional pointers or they might be able to guide you to reference material.
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