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Boss Leather Jackets

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Has anyone owned a Boss leather jacket before? What was the quality like in your experience? Did it age well? I've been eyeing up a Boss jacket from Macy's (Boss black label 'Nevos') and it looks great - quite a classic design and similar in style to an Aero Highwayman, but it's a bit lighter and fits and has some subtle detail that gives it a more modern look than the Highwayman. I'm not sure what kind of leather it is, but the color, feel and texture are really nice - it's not shiny, 'vintage' or crinkled etc. It's for sale for $695 so it's about the same price as a Highwayman. I'm hoping the price will drop in the next month or so.
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they do have some decent leather jackets but alot of their styles are a bit affected. and if not, sometimes dull in styling. but i wouldnt pay anything near that for one. perhaps 300-400 if you are in the market to buy a leather jacket. i never had one too long but they fair ok just for a decent amount of time.
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I have a 3yr old Boss Black label lined jacket in lambskin. It's plain but I enjoy it very much.
It's just starting to patina which (in my opinion) is improving the look of it. Happiness over here.
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