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Ninja edit! I missed the tag...
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Pixies shirt It's like the first graphic shirt I've bought in a year.
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Pics of some of my purchases from teh w/end
F/wear\t Dark green - FAM Santoni
B/case Navy 16" Slim Attache Case" "Original Collection" - Globe-Trotter

Who said you don;t mix blue & green?

Some quick & dirty shots from last night after a bit of spit & polish..

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I've been on a 7 day no purchases club.
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Souper- Nice purchases. How did you find the OC x Unqilo stuff? I liked some of the look book stuff and figured it'd price OC styled gear about where it should be rather than $200-250 for a button up (what the fuck?). Impossible for me to really buy anything being here, but if i was in new york i probably would've picked up 1-3 things to spruce up some spring looks. Need better pics as i barely know what you bought
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Originally Posted by Souper View Post
Class got out early, went to go kill some time in soho.

How do you like the white sorahikos? Been thinking about getting a pair of white denim for summer but not sure if I wanna pay 45rpm prices for something I'll wear 10-15 times a year..
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oc x uniqlo is weird. Cool plaids with contrast collars, cropped pants, and cot/lin pants that have a stitch straight down the leg (where it would normally be creased). If I can find the blue windowpane shirt, I will cop. The fabrics seemed nice, actually. There was also a shawl collar jacket in 2 colors that I did not find exciting.

The cotton/linen khaki sportcoat I bought is short and tight and has working buttonholes. I figured I would give this style a try.

My cam sucks ;(

45rpm white sorahiko slims, sized down 2.5
Pure blue japan indigo linen scarf
and the sportcoat

DJH, I will be wearing these like 1-2 times a week in the warmer months. The quality is good, its really all about fit. I dont really want skinny white jeans, and the contenders that I considered(somet, nom de guerre) are all too slim. THe fabric is heavy and slubby. Well worth it IMO!
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Holy shit those santonis are sick.
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Originally Posted by Big Punisher View Post
Pixies shirt It's like the first graphic shirt I've bought in a year.

Have the same tee. Love it.
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took me long enough
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Originally Posted by raulishere View Post
took me long enough

where'd you end up getting it? any chance there's still a 44 or 46?
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I've always wanted one in my size but never found my size for a decent price. 44, yardsale? I heard these jackets run pretty tight. I know you're small, but man.
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martin+osa stuff from the sale, rm williams tj180 moleskin (way weird fit - 12" rise!! and tapered legs), and cashmere gloves/scarf from ebay. my tailor's cash register is already ringing!
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Well originally I found the jacket on sale at refinery29s shop they had 48s left for only 260. But when I ordered I got a call back same day saying someone placed their order before me. Luckily I found someone looking to let his go for only 250 needless to say I immediately said yes.
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