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Polo - Outlet Purple Label

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I was at the Premium Outlets today in Aurora, IL and stopped by the polo store. They had, on their clearance racks, Purple Label dress shirts and polos marked down to $49.99-75 down from 269-375. On top of that, everything on the rack was 50% off. I walked away with a great purple label french cuff for only $25! Has anyone noticed similar discounts at other polo outlets?
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any wide spread collar shirts on the rack? I'd pay you to pick them up for me.
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I don't believe so, but a friend of mine will be going there tomorrow, so I'll have him take a look. What size do you need?
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15.5, thanks in advance.
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I've never seen anything but crap at my nearest Polo outlet ... and it's not even offered at much of a discount.
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My local Polo outlet almost always has a small selection of RLPL. Generally some ties and shirts, but recently some suits as well. Not in a separate section, just mixed in with the blue label merchanise... and usually discounted to the almost the same price as the Polo stuff, which makes it a fantastic bargain.

Talking to the store staff though, they know just how much of a bargain it is and will often cherry pick, especially the ties! But still, there's usually a small, but interesting, selection of keenly priced RLPL there.
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My experience at Polo outlets is also not great. All the purple label I've seen has come from department store outlets. Any hints on the Polo outlets in the US that handle RLPL stuff?
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wow...RLPL shirts at $25, to me, seems like an equal, if not superior, value proposition than Grensons at $250... uslexus, any chance you could have your friend see if there're any 16s? i'd pay $30 a shirt if there're any in solid white/blue or blue/gray pinstripe, up to 3 shirts.
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I'll give him a call and see. He should be there in a couple hours. I believe I saw a couple 16s when I was there, so hopefully they are left. Any particular color/style your interested in?
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I just talked to my friend. He said everything was picked over already and they only one they had was a 17.5 in some god awful color. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for them when I'm there and let everyone know if I find something
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There is rarely anything high quality at the Polo outlet at Tanger in Riverhead, LI. Maybe it's too close to the target market. Sad.
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The tanger outlets for me are terrible.

Even the saks off fifth rarely ahs decent stuff.

The Marshalls in Smithtown is your best bet. I saw a few Polo Blue label made in italy with pick stick side vents e.t.c. in 42-46 @ I think 4-499? Maybe $499

Did find a Calvin Klein Collection MSRP $185 for $19.99 nice shirt.

Same Marshalls same day Armani Collezioni grey wool slacks unhemmed my size for $69.95. I thought good deal fit is excellent.

Any other finds on Long Island?? E-mail me

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I would pay $100 for RLPL shirts all day long. I like them a lot.
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thanks anyhow uslexus...we'll see if the ebay supply of RLPLs go up in the next few days...

Originally Posted by uslexus
I'll give him a call and see. He should be there in a couple hours.
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I bought 2 linen PL dress shirts for $25 today. My manager friend took me back to the "private reserve room"
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