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Originally Posted by conceptionist View Post

Is he from Sweden? I had my suspicions...

who is "he"?

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I rarely see anyone dress well at SFO and I fly out of there quite often.
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does anyone else get that feeling when you know someone has a very similar mindset/perspective as yourself? i can continually identify individuals, online and in day to day life, whom i know i could strike up a conversation with and we'd more or less see eye to eye. all it takes is a single statement.


what is this called? it sounds like schizophrenia foo.gif

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Synergy? Complementarity?
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Originally Posted by BreezyBirch View Post



i didn't know this had a name but i've experienced this phenomenon a few times as well. this isn't quite it though.


Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Synergy? Complementarity?




thanks for the effort guys but i don't think my language skills are up to par with describing what i'm trying to say, i'm sure there is some sociology wikipedia page talking about this.

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It's Good Friday and I made a bento box Itadakimasu foo.gif

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You guys wear your white gats with or without laces?  

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I have 17 days of vacation in May coming up. Tell me where to go and what to do. (I was just in NYC, so please don't suggest that.)

How easy is it to get by in, say, Paris or Berlin if you're going solo and don't speak basically any of the local language?
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I've found it not very difficult getting around Paris, even with my broken French. With a little respect and decency, people can be very accommodating and helpful. Grab yourself a eurail pass and explore to your heart's desire.
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Don't go to Brussels, it's a dump

Antwerp is nice though

Paris is great, metro system is easy to use and pretty cheap
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In Berlin mostly everyone speaks english, and is extremely helpful/nice, just don't mess with their police lol.

In paris I used a mixture of spanish/english/broken french though I could've gotten around with just english.

Make sure to get the subway app for either it helps a lot and tells you where to make connections to other subways/trains and doesn't use internet. I found the 10 ticket book a better option to get around paris.
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