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Originally Posted by origenesprit View Post
Isn't it Tomorrow Never Knows?

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He Said/She Said
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while my guitar gently weeps
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Can't pick my favorite song but maybe the top 10 I have been listening to as of late according to itunes Don't let me down (most listens, so technically my favorite) shes so heavy michelle girl Norwegian wood your mother should know Happiness is a warm gun Blackbird The ballad of john and yoko Rocky Racoon I only started getting into them this year...I used to say they were overrated without really knowing there music. Then I got Rubber Soul on vinyl and that was the beginning for me.
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Strawberry fields forever
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Listening to Nobody Loves You (When You're Down and Out). Greatly enjoying it.
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Beatles night at AI. Was pretty underwhelming. Original recordings forever.
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Don't Let Me Down, all the way.
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I'd have to say "Something."
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Dear Prudence Happiness is a Warm Gun She's Leaving Home
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