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I used it for a while, and I unfriended people with annoying profile updates.
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Through facebook I was heartened to know that the reprobates I used to hang out with have gotten on with their lives and become (mostly) productive if counter-cultural members of the taxpaying class, with kids, mortgages, etc. I'm sure it's reciprocal on their end when they see that I've gotten a haircut and can tie a four-in-hand.

Although I cringe to realize that the entitled douchebags at my old school remain entitled douchebags, but fortunately I don't have to read their crap and can de-friend the few who made it on my friend list at any time.
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Originally Posted by DocHolliday View Post
I already have too many people in contact with me. If people really want to talk, they can call me. If they're lucky, I might not even screen their call. The last thing I need to do with my time is read about how Tina from elementary school wubs her new kitty.


Seems it's mostly for gossipy housewives, the ones that send me photo Christmas cards of their family. I log in once a month to look at pics of old college friends but my profile is blank.
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my high school called me up for some alumni directory. After i supplied themw ith some current information they asked if id like to purchase the book for ~$100. I laughed and told her i have facebook which is basically the same thing and hung up.

Facebook stalking is key to getting in tight with girls you dont know, but would like to get to know
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^^ Thomas-- I didn't know you can 'de-friend' a member once they're on your list. I'm fascinated. Facebok has been on the news the past couple of days.
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Originally Posted by Maharlika View Post
^^ Thomas-- I didn't know you can 'de-friend' a member once they're on your list. I'm fascinated. Facebok has been on the news the past couple of days.

Ohhh, yeah. I have one friend who's relentless about culling her friend-list. She had a bunch of high school 'friends' add her, and one day she realized that...nothing's really changed - she still hates them all. So she went whacking them off his list, one after the other. I guess if you're indifferent to or really dislike somebody after all those years...hurting their e-feelings isn't really going to matter all that much. No word on whether any of them tried to re-add her, though.
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Originally Posted by iammatt View Post
We went out to dinner with my wife's oldest friend last week. The friend kept going on and on about the children their old high school acquintences had, who had gotten divorced, blah blah blah. She even offered to forward pictures to my wife. I was crying inside the entire time. I always figured that if I really wanted to stay in touch with people, I would have.

I know someone who never jolts down phone numbers, if the person is worth it he says he'll remember the #. So there are various degrees of desired connectedness. I don't use facebook but I do have an account, fuck that shit.
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Originally Posted by Thomas View Post
Ohhh, yeah. I have one friend who's relentless about culling her friend-list...

I mass delete every 6-8 weeks. If I can't think why you are on my list you aren't anymore.
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If you keep a facebook or a Myspace page, and you intend to post your correct and real name make sure that when it shows up in a Google search that its nothing that a prospective employer will find offensive.

I always Google applicants and have found some really strange things on FB or MS pages which were immediate deal breakers.
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I find facebook fun. I got most of my "friends" while in college and accumalating friends was cool. Now I keep in touch with maybe 1/10 of people on my friends list. But I still enjoy it.

Too bad I've been locked out of my account for the past month (their customer service is a joke).

Re FIHTies: No doubt, be very careful about the pictures and bits of information you post on your profile (or you are tagged to in case of photos). Your information placed on facebook is public information (even if your profile is private), so I will advise against placing anything on your profile that you wouldn't want in the public domain.
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I enjoy it, mostly because I've talked to people I haven't seen in a long time; and it's also convenient for keeping in touch with flight crew friends that I don't know where they are. They can respond to my messages at their leisure.

Overall a neat thing, but some people abuse it.
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Joining Facebook put me in touch with my closest friend, who I hadn't seen in six years and we've gotten closer than ever (you drive a girl to terminate a pregnancy, she loves you forever...). So cheers to them for that.

30 invitations to accept a fucking drink from people I barely fucking know - fuck that shit.
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I hate it.

specially now that they own all the information and pictures and such you put on there.

ppl rely on it too much.
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Never joined.

My mother has since joined, and now I know that Facebook's time has come.
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