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  1. M

    JMM Yves in Army

    Pics can be seen on my grailed listing here https://www.ebay.com/listings/17229387-jacques-marie-mage-jmm-yves-brown-army-sunglasses-143-350
  2. scb

    FS: Barton Perreira Lovitt 59 sunglasses

    I'm selling a pair of Barton Perreira Lovitt 59 sunglasses in pewter/blue. I wore them less than 15 times, so they're in great condition. They were just never "me." I bought these at the Barton Perreira store in NYC on E 66th st, so from an authorized retailer. retail price is $480. yours for...
  3. V

    Please help!!!!! sunglasses

    Hello, recently i lost my all time favourite sunglasses. They were a present from someone special and are greatly sentimental to me. Please help me identify the correct model of my prada sunglasses so i can try to buy new ones. They were bought around 2008-2010 but i cannot find even one picture...
  4. Etboel

    Roberto Firmino Sunglasses - HELP!

    Hi Stylers I'm at the end of my cancer treatment, and I want to buy myself a nice thing. I'm a BIG LFC fan, and I want to find these sunglasses that Roberto Firmino was wearing after they won Premier League. Please help! I can't seem to find them anywhere... Thanks in advance. /K
  5. D

    First time buying Ray Ban Wayfarers, some advice please?

    Hi All, I have had my eye on a pair of classic Ray Ban Wayfarers for some time now. I have never bought an expensive pair of sun glasses before so just looking for some advice. Due to the restrictions in retail I cannot go into a store and try on a physical pair of sun glasses so I will be...
  6. espeno

    What is this brand/model of sunglasses?

    Hi, long time fan of this site. Disregarding the girl in the picture, what brand do you think these sunglasses are? Searched have come up with nothing yet. Thanks in advance!
  7. dieworkwear

    Jacques Marie Mage - Wolves, Obnoxious Acetate and The American Dream

    what i want at jacques marie mage what i can afford at jacques marie mage
  8. Liuxar

    Domination | Liuxar Fashion Clubmaster

    Domination Fashion Clubmasters Liuxar These sunglasses have polarized lenses, which means they reduce reflections from wet road, body of water, snow and other horizontal surfaces. Save your eyes! Domination Fashion sunglasses are made by: High Quality Components Peronality Design Outside...
  9. Gonzalo1706

    Sunglasses model

    Hi, i was searching for a long time what brand and model are these sunglasses used by Ayrton Senna. Please help me. Thanks
  10. mrromantic

    Looking for rimless tinted sunglasses like Gucci 1715's

    Hi there I'm looking for sunglasses similar to Gucci's 1715-model. I've attached a picture to this post. Can anybody recommend a pair or a brand? Preferably rectangular, rimless and tinted for that nice 90s look. Hit me up! thanks
  11. AlexSwift

    Sunglasses Advice

    Hi guys, I will be a university graduate this year in summer, and I have planned a trip to the beach for my graduation. I am stuck in choosing a pair of 🕶 right now. I have chosen one style on an online shop but don't know which color to choose. So I turn to you guys for some advice😆. (btw, I...
  12. D

    Can anyone identify these glasses on Hayden Christensen portraying Stephen Glass in "Shattered Glass"?

    P3 type shape. I am having trouble finding a frame with a high nose/bridge piece and high arm pieces and the circular lenses that are kind of aviator-shaped. Exact model/frame would be awesome. Could be vintage. Thanks!
  13. croccofixio

    Narcos Mexico: Does anyone know what sunglasses DEA Walt Breslin is wearing?

    Hey there, does anyone know what sunglasses DEA Walt Breslin in Narcos Mexico Season 2 is wearing? Thanks a lot! Sebastian
  14. M

    need helping finding a style of sunglasses

    I am looking to find these sunglasses https://www.justbrazilstore.gr/collections/dblanc/products/dosed-marquis-flat-charcoal-grey . They are not made anymore by d'blanc and I cant find anywhere that sells it. Does anybody know where to find them or even a pair that looks almost exactly the same...
  15. kolecho

    NEW Hugo Boss sunglasses 0968/S matt havana

    Brand new pair. Never used. First quality (not seconds). Genuine Hugo Boss sunglasses model 0968/S N9P2K matt havana. Size 52-22-150. See photos of actual product attached. Retail price in store is over US$350! My price is US$120 US$80 shipped airmail globally. Thanks for your interest.
  16. Fran_Kay

    What sunglasses are these

    Hello everybody, I hope anyone can help. I need to know the name of the sunglasses Lewis Hamilton is wearing in the pictures attached. Would be so happy if somebody could help me. Thanks and merry christmas
  17. impuntura

    Balenciaga aviator sungalsses

    LIKE NEW authentic Balenciaga aviator sunglasses. handmade in italy ,no case but i will include a generic one
  18. impuntura

    Initium London Calling Iron Man 3 Sunglasses Tony Stark

    LIKE NEW Initium London Calling Iron Man 3 Sunglasses as worn by Tony Stark handmade in italy no case
  19. S

    Help me to find those sunglasses

    Hey guys, is there anyone who knows the brands and models of Mahones sunglasses in prison break? Thanks! <3

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