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made to measure

  1. Doublemeter

    Cifonelli MTM or Thom Sweeney Bespoke

    Hi there fellow forum members. I am looking at either getting my first very serious suit. I am either looking at a Thom Sweeney bespoke or a cifonelli MTM suit. both suits cost roughly the same. I am completely in love with the look of cifonelli however it is only a MTM. for the same price...
  2. Rafael Tompoulis

    [SOLD ON EBAY] H.Heissing MTM Hardy Minnis Tweed Wool ~38 US/ ~48 EU Unworn Sportsjacket

    FOR SALE is a high quality and FLAWLESS, in 10/10 condition, custom made H.HEISSING jacket, in a beautiful green color with orange windowpane pattern plus a small brown/- mocha check pattern, made in Germany and made of a very elegant 100% tweed wool woven from the English luxury house HARDY...
  3. G

    Apposta - Official Affiliate Thread

    Hi, we are Apposta, an Italian online brand for made-to-measure shirts. On our website, you can create or simply customise one of our pre-designed shirts. We founded Apposta to blend 4th generation Italian shirtmaker heritage with an innovative and intuitive online customisation experience...
  4. M

    Any luck with online MtM?

    I'm curious if anyone has had luck with any online MtM (made to measure) men's suits. I have a relatively "normal" body - 5'8", 150 lbs, and a 38S off-the-rack suit usually fits me pretty well, once I get it tailored.* But I wanted to have more selection than what is usually available...
  5. Beatlegeuse


    For sale is a beautiful mid grey 2-piece suit from Luxire in an amazing mid grey Minnis Fresco cloth. This is about as staple as it gets for a mid grey suit that can be worn for basically any occasion that would require a suit...job interviews, weddings, you name it. The fresco weave is great...
  6. elgreco

    Vitale Barberis flannel MTM - Blue windowpane sportcoat - Size 45/46

    For sale is a gorgeous blue flannel windowpane jacket, sold through the former Steven Aver MTM service (old school SF heads will remember that guy...). This is a China-made MTM garment using a tonal blue windowpane VBC flannel with navy Bemberg lining. The garment received additional tailoring...
  7. S

    MTM in NYC?

    Thoughts on MTM suits in NYC? Value for money important to me; like traditional cuts, non-business formal fabrics. Cheers.
  8. tman87

    Myers Park Tailors Bespoke Charlotte, North Carolina

    Has anyone gone here for custom suits, or at least alterations? He has good reviews, was friendly and knowledgeable. From his website, I didn’t know he did bespoke, but he said he always has and is updating the website. He said he does two fittings, and does all the work himself. What concerned...
  9. stubbsj20

    Navy Blazer, Made to Measure, Fits like 40R SOLD

    I purchased this made to measure jacket from the Bespoke Edge. I have gained some weight and it no longer fits. There are no defects on the jacket, tears, wear marks, etc. Fits like a 40R jacket. Navy blazer. Half canvas construction. Super 110 100% Wool. 2 button. Brown horn buttons. 3...
  10. cskort

    Enzo Custom Experiences?

    Hi All, I've done extensive research on the internet but couldn't find many reviews in here for Enzo Custom. Looks like they are a popular MTM outfit with stores in DC, NYC, and Philly. Any of you guys with lots of experience with suits and tuxedos get anything done from them? I'm looking for...
  11. Atelier Bertrand

    Atelier Bertrand leather goods & garments made in france- Official Affiliate Thread

    Hi Styleforum, First, i'm very pleased to be here after years of lurking through the forum. My name is Jerome Bertrand and i'm the founder of Atelier Bertrand. We are specialised in luxury leather goods and garments 100% Made in France. They are all handmade in an atelier located in the centre...
  12. J

    Sydney/Melbourne MTM: Suit Shop vs P Johnson vs Oscar Hunt

    I thought i'd make a new thread as the last ones on this topic are over 5 years old and the MTM landscape seems to have changed since then. I need some advice on getting my first MTM suit. I am about to transition to a full time role and will be wearing suits daily. I've got a typical suit...
  13. mikejungle

    My Suitsupply Experience...also, where do I shop now?

    If you want the abridged version, it's that I won't by a suit from Suitsupply again. Not necessarily because they're shitty suits (they look nice, but won't last), but because of their shitty quality control policy. I got two holes in a barely-worn suit, and Suitsupply won't acknowledge that...
  14. luxire

    Luxire Custom Clothing - Official Affiliate Thread

    Luxire is a journey to bring together some of the best artisans from around the world to create clothing that is beautiful, expertly constructed, and withstands the test of time. Using time-tested techniques, both traditional and modern, we make clothes that are comfortable, fit perfectly, and...
  15. bjornb17

    How much larger should shirt chest measurement be than chest measurement on a slim fit shirt?

    Is 3" okay? EDIT: I realize I didn't word the question too well but I think I got the point across.
  16. musicguy

    Suitsupply NYC

    They just opened a store in NYC. Anyone been? How's the quality/fit?
  17. TyroneFig

    Why do I fit so well in size 36 pants, but my waist is low 40s?

    So I never measured my waisted before, all my pants are usually size 36 (sometimes 34 in jeans but they stretch out to fit which I like) and they fit great. Size 38 pants are actually too big a little bit. But I measured my waist tonight and it's in the low 40s.. what's going on?

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