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  1. S

    Two Burberry Coats - Authenticity Check Please

    Hey guys, I'm trying to purchase a second hand burberry coat, and had great help with the last post so I was hoping I could get these two coats checked as well. Your comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
  2. N

    Decision on selecting the right pair of boots

    Hi all, Im currently stuck in a dilemma between 2 pair of boots Im planning to wear casually mostly with jeans (all sorts of colors). Not sure if I should go with Alden 4515H plain toe black or Truman Black Waxed Flesh. I measure an 8E on the Brannock and wear size 9 in most sneakers. I believe...
  3. Bluecavemen

    What is the new trend for men 2019?

    Share what the top trends of 2019. Is it with guys with fanny pack , roll up pants with boots etc...share your thoughts below. I would love to hear from yall.
  4. rach2jlc

    GIVENCHY Black Briefcase Tote Weekender Tisci Tenure

    I've had this for a while; it's a rare piece from Riccardo Tisci's first season at GIVENCHY, featuring the Givenchy Crest designed by Japanese graphic artist Tadaomi Shibuya. Brand: GIVENCHY by Riccardo Tisci Material: Black "crinkly" soft leather. Measurements: Approx. 16X12X4. Condition...
  5. D

    Is this really Burberry?

    Hey guys. I saw this buckethat supposedly from Burberry and wondered if it's real or not. Any expert here? Hope somebody could help me :) Thanks!
  6. D

    Is this legit?

    Hi guys. I'm really sorry if this is the wrong forum to ask I'm new here and don't know where I'm supposed to ask questions regarding the authentication of clothes and street wear stuff. So the thing is I found a sweatshirt of Stone Island that's probably not real but I want to know if the...
  7. A


    Color: DARK GRAY, SCHOOL BUS YELLOW Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL Category: MEN'S FASHION > Jackets & Coats - If the clothes smell bad, suggest putting the clothes in a sunny spot.
  8. Mens Boots

    Mens Boots

    What a Autumn/Winter Men'S Chelsea Black Leather Short Boots Chaussure Homme Hiver Zipper High Quality Ankle Boots Men
  9. S

    Women's Designer Fashion Bag

  10. L

    Ask for Help

    Hello, it's been a while since I've been looking for this shit. I will be so grateful if someone could help to find a shirt with the same striping. Thanks
  11. J


    I stumbled upon this shirt and I have been looking for it everywhere. It's likely 300$+ and from a luxurious brand like YSL, Tom Ford, ect.. The shirt has hidden buttons. Thanks!
  12. Birchboy

    Wooden sunglasses. In or definitely out?

    Hey sf, What do you think about wooden sunglasses? Are they something that complement specific looks or can they be worn in any setting? Thanks!
  13. S

    Opinions on this local designer piece I bought?

    hey all! I know a local designer who recently started making custom shirts, I bought this one from him what are yall opinions?
  14. IEG

    The Thomas Crown Affair

    Just interested in any input out there from any of you fine folks, I know there are some other threads commenting on things such as the style or lack of style in certain movies like 007 movies and some of the recent Bond movies having possibly made some mistakes in Bonds wardrobe. One of my...
  15. D

    Mantoni suits?

    Stopped by my local tailor/menswear shop. It's a family-owned business which has been around since the 50s. Very highly rated on both Yelp and Google. I'm in the market for two new suits, but not trying to spend $700+ on each. The man there suggested a Mantoni suit. Including tailoring, I...
  16. StyleSmith

    Men’s Rent the Runway? Men’s Rental Subscription

    Hi Guys! I’m new to the forum, but wanted to put a new idea forward for some real opinions! My idea was to create a men’s rental clothing site, much like LeTote or Rent the Runway, but for men’s style exclusively. You would be able to rent clothes depending on which package you choose, along...
  17. L

    Face/Head Shape for Glasses & Haircuts?

    Hi all! New here. I've got a bit of a dilemma. I'm about to get my first ever pair of glasses, tried lots on in person and online but all the ones I like so far I end up feeling like they look unflattering/odd on me (probably because I'm not used to it but still). So my question today is...
  18. itingus

    HELP! I'm Tall and have a weird body!

    Hey everyone, as of recently, i have been trying to become more fashion forward, and actually buy clothing that makes my body look properly proportioned. currently, casual apparel isnt a problem; however, as a dancer, i struggle the most with my style, as it consists of joggers and cardigans...
  19. LA Guy

    Random Fashion Thoughts (Part 3: Style farmer strikes back) - our general discussion thread

    It's 2018, and time for a new Random Fashion thread. It's not so much a reset as a continuation of our (the Styleforum community's) rambling discussion that ended off with Dicken's quotes (Thanks @ManofKent ), new glasses to replace those broken in New Year's Eve fights, Kapital Blanket Ring...

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