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  1. N

    I am not sure about this fabric for a suit. What is your opinion?

    The fabric that is used for this suit is a 160s 15,5 micron wool by Loro Piana. I know that Loro Piana is a good manufacturer of fabrics but I am not sure what to think about the "shiny" kind of appearance. What I have seen in the past, is that people with sartorial knowledge rather wear...
  2. Salieri

    Where to buy fabrics for suits in Italy?

    Hello beautiful people, been a while since I've posted here! I hope everybody's doing alright! So, I have a very very good tailor that made me 2 suits and I'm super happy with Mr. Gigi's work. I want to go a few days in Italy and also buy some fabrics from there for my next suits. Don't know...
  3. Master Shake

    Minnis (Fresco and Rangoon) Classic Suiting Fabrics

    I am clearing out some suiting fabrics that I never got around to commissioning. The fabrics are London Lounge Brisa suiting fabrics as well as Minnis Fresco and Rangoon suiting fabrics, broken out into separate listings. $85/m for the LL fabrics, $65/m for the Minnis fabrics. From left to...
  4. Master Shake

    London Lounge (Brisa) Classic Suiting Fabrics

    I am clearing out some suiting fabrics that I never got around to commissioning. The fabrics are London Lounge Brisa suiting fabrics as well as Minnis Fresco and Rangoon suiting fabrics, broken out into two separate listings because of the different prices. $85/m for the LL fabrics, $65/m for...
  5. Reosymes

    Fabric required for a short sleeve shirt

    I wanted to get a bunch of seersucker and linen/linen blend cloth for my male relatives in India who would certainly appreciate it in the 115 degree heat. Most of them wear short sleeved shirts in the summer (tailoring is easily accessible and cheap). Can anyone give me an estimate of the cloth...
  6. strangedream

    Fabric brands ranking

    I was looking at Proper Suit and noticed their "Fabric Level", and I wanted to learn more about different level of fabrics, so I searched around SF and found numbers of helpful comments including this ranking by add911_11. Based on that ranking, I added few other names that I've found over the...
  7. simusince83

    Polyester Wool Blend Suit?

    I think I know the answer to this, but I need some of your wisdom. Is it worth getting a suit made from a polyester and wool blend? Perhaps as much as a 45-55 mix? Thank You
  8. usctrojan55

    Amount of Fabric Needed for Suit and Pants

    I am going to purchase some fabric for a suit. I am 6 feet, average build. I have read I need appx. 4 meters for a suit. Is this correct? How much for odd pants? 1.5 meters? Thanks
  9. Dewey

    Linen vs. cotton/linen blends

    What are the pros and cons of cotton/linen blends vs. pure linen? I am thinking about summer pants, but I also wonder about shirts and jackets.
  10. Manton

    Unfunded Liabilities: a/k/a The Cloth Thread

    My thanks to dopey for the inspiration for the thread title. All pics taken in natural light outdoors, so the colors are reasonably true, unless otherwise noted. PART I: Flannels 14 ounce woolen flannel, color "donkey" (sort of tan/gray/olive; see Portnoy's Shattuck suit; same cloth): 11...
  11. Mr.Perdition

    Polyester: Breathability vs. Wicking?

    I have some questions about polyester. I'm a larger guy that tends to overheat pretty quickly and with summer here I want to stay cool. What I'm looking for are some lightweight, breathable short sleeve button downs to wear casually on the weekend. I'm having a tough time finding linen that...
  12. stargazer

    Cotton v Wool suits

    Hey all, Just wondering what your thoughts are on cotton suits in comparison with wool suits. I heard cotton suits are lighter but also wrinkle up easier. Is this true? Which one looks/feels better (more shiny) and which one takes more wear? Cheers
  13. BlvdDandy

    Help classify these fabric makers

    This list comes from searching the forum. Can someone separate these fabric manufacturers into three categories - first tier, second tier, third tier? Criteria for judging: medium weight/three season fabric; pretty basic navys or charcoals, maybe with some sort of self-pattern; Super 120s-150s...

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