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Recent content by Reiver

  1. Reiver

    Vintage Dress shoe appreciation, tips, maintenance and advice

    They count in my book. Really cool
  2. Reiver

    Offical TRICKERS shoes and boots thread

    Love these boots and the resole looks very well done. Might consider that sole for my Red Wing chukkas when the original sole gives up. Maybe another year would be my guess
  3. Reiver

    **The Official Shoe Care Thread: Tutorials, Photos, etc.**

    Not too sure about this. I have never had this problem personally but then again I tend to wear darker trousers which might not show it. it could be down to applying the polish too thickly as there shouldn’t really be any significant polish residue after buffing. Also, do you ever wipe the...
  4. Reiver

    Offical TRICKERS shoes and boots thread

    I’ve done that myself a couple of times and just had to accept that they will never be right for me. Difficult decision.
  5. Reiver

    english shoes quality heirachy

    In my limited experience it is quite supple which should aid comfort subject to a good fit of course. Better hides used more selectively usually results in less heavy creasing, they polish up better and should age better in the long run. No guarantees though as there so many different leathers...
  6. Reiver

    english shoes quality heirachy

    Tricky one, I have never actually owned a pair of Cheaney but have had hands on experience with a few. They are very impressive quality in my opinion and I would absolutely own a pair. I would say C&J might have the edge but we're not talking much difference. C&J Handgrade should be an upgrade...
  7. Reiver

    english shoes quality heirachy

    I think with Edward Green you pay a lot more for near flawless finishing and better quality of leather. They are also more selective of which bits of the hide they use and therefore make less pairs of shoes per hide than a lesser maker, which in turn obviously raises the cost. It's diminishing...
  8. Reiver

    english shoes quality heirachy

    I would agree with that, owning both Trickers and C&J I would say the C&J look more refined and less sturdy however I don't think that is actually the case. Actually that doesn't apply to my Snowdon in zug leather, they are probably my sturdiest boots of all, absolute tanks! I love both...
  9. Reiver

    english shoes quality heirachy

    I like the look of some Alden options although I live in the UK and they are hard to come by here and very expensive when available. I have heard that they are generally not as well finished as the likes of C&J. I think stitching was mentioned as well as the use of a fibreboard heel stack...
  10. Reiver

    ** Quintessential Crockett & Jones Thread ** (reviews, quality, etc...)

    I'm mainly into the derbies and rugged stuff but I do own a pair of Connaught oxfords. They are bench grade and I really like them but I don't wear oxfords very often. I don't know if I would expect them to be much if at all better than Cheaney which are also very good shoes in my experience...
  11. Reiver


    Nice! I saw these on sale and was tempted. They look like pure comfort! Must resist purchases, I'm trying to just enjoy what I already have.
  12. Reiver

    Acceptable Grain break on leather

    Yes I would say its acceptable, its just down to it being a slightly different part of the hide being used. I find this slightly frustrating but you just have to get over it I suppose. I have two pairs of shoes from the same brand, one with absolutely minimal creasing and the other with quite a...
  13. Reiver

    Poor man's watch thread

    Not surprised, I love it. That strap really works too
  14. Reiver

    Poor man's watch thread

    I found having day function useful over Christmas as I usually lose track of days completely when not working.
  15. Reiver

    Church's Appreciation Thread

    Absolutely agree with this. I saw an awful (in my opinion of course) advert on Facebook over Christmas. Very much fashion brand in style which to me is not what Church's should be.

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