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Recent content by MrUnderwood

  1. MrUnderwood

    WAYWRN: Classic Menswear, Casual Style

    I reckon it came off abit more harsh than it was intended. I guess i am in the minority regards the mustard shorts, i stand corrected.
  2. MrUnderwood

    WAYWRN: Classic Menswear, Casual Style

    @smittycl That really looks bad, sorry. Do you got other shorts? It might be those mustard shorts. Summer look doesnt have to be this bad :)
  3. MrUnderwood

    The Watch Appreciation Thread - Part two (Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger LeCoultre,

    Haha, i usually like Wei but he is kind of a douche here. But i reckon he nails what exactly every Rolex owner think of their timepiece. So instead of hating on Wei Koh, rather look at Rolex owners, most of them (not all) are just as douchy.
  4. MrUnderwood

    WAYWRN: Classic Menswear, Casual Style

    @EFV You mean 40 to 15. Do not forget the apple to the school teacher :)
  5. MrUnderwood

    The Watch Appreciation Thread - Part two (Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger LeCoultre,

    Hi guys, Anyone own this Zenith El primero. If so, please post some real life pictures of it, and how is the thickness of the watch? iam really tempted, but worried like crazy about thickness. (if you have a brown strap, then feel free to add that, as that is what i would like to pair it with).
  6. MrUnderwood

    WAYWRN: Classic Menswear, Casual Style

    @Gerry Nelson You can pull off almost everything, but i think there is too much navy there. I like the pants though!
  7. MrUnderwood

    Mac coat

    Unfortunately i am looking for a navy mac coat. thanks alot though.
  8. MrUnderwood

    Mac coat

    @Wrenkin Thanks!! Unfortunately, it is not in a navy color :( @norMD Thank you! Alright iam not sure about the contrast coloring.
  9. MrUnderwood

    WAYWRN: Classic Menswear, Casual Style

    @dazedstate I really like this one, the colors you have selected fits so perfectly together. Really good job. What are the different brands? And what shoes did you pair this with?
  10. MrUnderwood

    ** Quintessential Crockett & Jones Thread ** (reviews, quality, etc...)

    The one i have seen is definitely another shoe than the one you have for sale. I reckon it is perhaps if the shoe is made by Shipton & Heneage. Can anyone confirm this?
  11. MrUnderwood

    Mac coat

    We are slowly getting there. It has to have the silhouette of a regular clean cut mac coat, not the fabric and silhouette of a rain coat - too much technical aesthetics. Thank you for the suggestion of Cordings!
  12. MrUnderwood

    Mac coat

    @dieworkwear You do not disappoint, thank you! I get what you are saying now, and it doesnt as bad as i thought, but i reckon i prefer at least above knee. I might go for something just above knee, but i reckon there is a thin line between good looking and The Matrix (which doesnt suit me). It...
  13. MrUnderwood

    Mac coat

    Can you please find some pictures that display what you mean then you say that "short" mid-thigh was popular mid 2005-2010, while what you think is being worn right now? I am generally curious what you are talking about. I would like to see some good pictures of each silhouette. I have a bad...
  14. MrUnderwood

    Mac coat

    @Wrenkin Thank you for that insight, would you care to elaborate about exact fabric? Is it the same as this APC coat in fabric? https://www.apc.fr/wwuk/men/coats-parkas/urban-mac-cozba-h01103.html#Dark%20navy%20blue~XS&22 I am definitely looking for something fairly light-weight that can worn...
  15. MrUnderwood

    Mac coat

    @bry2000 It is not problem if it falls above knee, most of the A.P.C once would fall above the knee. Mid-thigh too knee area. I must admit that the Veilance is priced quite high.

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