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Joseph and Feiss

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Back in about 1990, I purchased a Joseph and Feiss jacket comprised of silk/wool. Can someone perhaps tell me of the construction of their sportcoats back in that time period? I've included some pictures. Too bad it doesn't fit me any more. Interesting that they made the jacket a three button with a roll to the second button with a ventless back.
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Joseph & Feiss is owned by Hugo Boss, although I don't know what year HB purchased J&F. During their prime, in the mid-19th century, J&F was one of the most prominent apparel firms in the country, based in Cleveland, Ohio, when Cleveland was a major apparel manufacturing hub. Can't comment on the more recent history of J&F although HB is rather middle of the road in terms of quality, which might be why they saw fit to buy J&F. Grayson
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Thanks for the information Grayson. Item in question was manufactured about 1989.
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You're wlecome although I wish I could offer more specific details about the recent workmanship of J&F. I see on the label that the jacket is from a store called The Hub, in Wisconsin, which also has a venerable history... http://www.madison.k12.wi.us/huegel/hedges/madison1.htm Grayson
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I believe they are a licensed suit nowadays. They are found all over Men's Wearhouse and their cousin store, Moore's in Canada.
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Noooooooooooooo............ Not Men's Warehouse...
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Noooooooooooooo............ Not Men's Warehouse...
John, do you live in WI?
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No, I had a seminar at UW one year. Loved the food in that town.
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I recall vaguely that Hugo Boss sold the Joseph & Feiss label to Men's Wearhouse. MW bought it when name brands were reluctant to sell to them, so, MW bought once-well-known clothing company names that had fallen dormant. It seems to me (again, vaguely), MW also bought Society Brand, Botany 500, and others. With a boxful of sleeve labels in one hand and a passport in the other, MW "product developers" took off for Guatamala, Eastern Europe, and China to have suits made for the new labels.
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Here's an excerpt from MW's annual report: In 1995, the Company entered into license agreements with a limited number of parties under which the Company is entitled to use designer labels, such as "Pierre Balmain" and "Vito Rufolo", and nationally recognized brand labels such as "Botany" and "Botany 500", in return for royalties paid to the licensor based on the costs of the relevant product. These license agreements generally limit the use of the individual label to products of a specific nature (such as men's suits, men's formal wear or men's shirts). The labels licensed under these agreements will continue to be used in connection with a portion of the purchases under the direct sourcing program described above, as well as purchases from other vendors. During 1996, the Company purchased several trademarks from Hugo Boss. These marks include "Cricketeer," "Joseph & Feiss International," "Baracuda," and "Country Britches," among others, and will be used similarly to the Company's licensed labels. The Company monitors the performance of these licensed labels compared to their cost and may elect to selectively terminate any license. Because of the continued consolidation in the men's tailored clothing industry, the Company may be presented with opportunities to acquire or license other designer or nationally recognized brand labels.
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