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Nettleton tan split-toes 9A

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My sister has listed these very nice Nettleton split-toes on ebay (with my help): Nettleton shoes compare to Alden and Allen-Edmonds, but they aren't made any longer. Styling is similar to Alden. Great shoes, great deal if you have a very narrow foot.
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Alan, which Nettleton is that, before the sale of the company or after...when they were made in NY they were absolutely incredible shoes, the US Shoe company bought them out along with the long list of companies they trashed and the company went to the crapper.
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I'm pretty sure these are the early Nettleton. They are, shall we say, estate acquisitions, so are older. They very much remind of the Alden split toe I've looked at in the stores. There are a couple of other Nettleton shoes listed on ebay right now that must be from the later days. They look awful. I've looked at some of the completed auctions and some of the nicer ones seem to come up from time to time. Edit: Chris, do you know when the company sold?
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Arrggggggggghhhhhhhh. I could wear 9.5 A.
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If my old mind serves me right it was sometime around '88, but to be sure I would have to investigate, we carried them and it was a great co........US Shoe got bought out, by officers of the Co. and they ruined the company, went on a buying spree aquiring old reputable Co.'s and running them in the ground, one was Nettleton, very sad to move them out of Syracuse and into the Orient...but you have some old wonderful shoes. By the way, I have never mentioned to you, you will probably not find this incredible reading my posts, but did you know I am a PK.....odd is it not?
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Arrggggggggghhhhhhhh.  I could wear 9.5 A.
My sister has a couple of other pairs from the same source. I'll check with her to see if any are 9.5. Chris, is your dad still preaching?
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The return of Nettleton. My sister is offering up a second pair of Nettletons on ebay, same shoe, same size, same source, only difference is these are black. Ebay auction
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