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Tie with logos - tacky?

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Today I am wearing a RL tie with tiny little polo logos on it (man on horse, etc.). From afar it appears as though the tie is dotted or something similar. Is this a tacky tie to wear? It is mostly hidden behind a cashmere zip up sweater.
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it can almost be seen as a conversational tie I suppose. Just as long as there are no GGs or LVs I think you are fine.
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I'd have to see it, but it sounds questionable to me. If they are small, maybe OK. Paul Stuart used to have a tie with polo players riding alligators (or are they crocodiles, I can never keep it straight) on it.
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I'm not a fan of logo ties regardless of how small the logos are.
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Any figurative tie is tacky in my book. If the figures are advertising logos, that makes it worse.
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I think logos are tacky on ties. The craftsmanship will show the quality, you don't need the logos to show that you are wearing a good brand.
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- B
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^ what is the nature of the stain? on second thought, never mind.
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I don't think anything beats the Christmas themed tie.
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Have you seen the St.Patty's Day themed ties? All green with little leprechauns. Prettty horrible, I must say.
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I avoid logo and novelty ties like the plague, you will be mistaken for an employee of the establishment or if it has a cartoon character on it, a dweeb.
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Here's what it looked like.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post
Here's what it looked like.

I really like it, stylish because its RL, not tacky because it's not Snoopy.
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Personally I think that could be a fine complement to a larger collection of ties.
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they're fine as you wore them with a zip up cardigan, but with a suit or jacket they won't work as well.
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