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I've been seeing a lot of missoni suits and shirts at Off fith lately. I never really checked them out cause the suits were all pretty similar to ones i've had. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are and where they fall in terms of quality.
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Sometimes I like Missoni colors, but most times they are a little too out there for me. I recall going to the Missoni store on Madison Avenue about 10 years ago and thinking everything was very expensive. Now I see tons of Missoni at Filene's Basement at significant markdown ... so, who knows what's going on with them. I admire Missoni though for sticking to its guns in terms of very colorful design. They seem to be unique in that regard. I can't speak to quality, but I assume it is "pretty good" at least.
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The ones i saw were all pretty plain. I was thinking about getting a white shirt with two different blue stripes, next to each other in different shades. But the suits were just plain charcol pinstripes and navy nailheads.
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I remember their sweaters were super-expensive like $1000 in today's dollar. All of the top retailers, Saks, NM, BG carried their sweaters. Bill Crosby wore their sweaters on his show (remember the one he wore during the opening credit?). Now Missoni, along with Basile, can only be found at discount stores. I wonder what's the story behind their descent?
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I was at the Off 5th at Arundel Mills in Maryland today, and they were practically overflowing with Missoni suits and ties. Didn't look at shirts, but I can take a guess. Anyway, their suits didn't look to be anything out of the ordinary; very subdued colors and patterns.
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