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Originally Posted by Basset View Post

A walk around any city or a visit to numerous clothing websites, and you will see examples of this on people.
A couple of years ago and you wouldn't have, im sure you understand the point im making

Indeed I do.
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Originally Posted by cerneabbas View Post

... how many Mars bars could you get in Brian Jones collar ?.

Mention Mars Bars and the Strolling Ones in the same breath and you're in difficult territory, mate. biggrin.gif
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Going totally off piste with this, but I couldn't resist sharing it!

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M-o-M, I wondered if anyone would pick up on my Mars bar quip,i have been told that story is not true it was actually a Cadburys selection box...Brilliant Benny Hill clip we both laughed, did you see the collars on one of those shirts ? worse than Brian Jones IMO.
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I have been trying to think of what I wear now that I didn't wear as a teenager. The list is surprisingly short.

I now always wear a white T-shirt under BD shirts. Back then I had only just escaped having to wear vests (singlets) bought by mum. For some reason we always had to 'keep our chests warm'. We wore Ben Shermans without any vest.I started wearing Fruit of the Loom T shirts in my 20's.

I always wear a belt with jeans,trousers. Back then my made to measure trousers had side adjusters and Levi jeans were shrunk to fit (I did the sitting in the bath routine) Sta prest were worn without a belt, but sometimes with braces.

I have black jeans now, but not then (could they be bought in 1969?)

Outdoor wear like Gore Tex jackets didn't exist then but are worn now.

I wear a flat cap in Winter now. Back then I didn't wear anything on the head. (I liked trilbys with crombies but my mob didn't get them)


The big difference is that most clothes today are made in China and back then they would have been made in UK. We used to use the phase 'your clothes are made in Hong Kong, or Empire' to slag other boys off. Off course Made in Italy or USA had some status. I don't need to buy much today but I still make an effort to buy clothes made in UK, USA and Italy .

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seeing as the chat has drifted largely into "what ageing ex-skinheads wear, now they're fat, bald and skint" ....
thought I might as well throw this in.

With bespoke suits still all the rage, as most lads began to grow their hair into what some termed 'suedehead', others still preferred the close cropped look of previous years.
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Originally Posted by buttons View Post

seeing as the chat has drifted largely into "what ageing ex-skinheads wear, now they're fat, bald and skint" ....


Oi, Buttons who are you calling Fat,bald and skint? I am only one of the three with a no.0 compared with a no.3 back then. I'm not fat because I like running (some say I was always light on my toes) and I'm not skint, mainly due to the fact that I have avoided divorcesmile.gif

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ha ha - nothing personal Mr B, just a pattern that was emerging. You not coming down to Margate at the weekend?
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'Fat, old and skint...'

I am, unfortunately, two of the the three, mentioned above. facepalm.gif

Not bald, though. biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by buttons View Post

ha ha - nothing personal Mr B, just a pattern that was emerging. You not coming down to Margate at the weekend?

Not being divorced means that my missus makes most of my decisions socially wise and so the answer is, sadly, no to Margate. Is that the Skinhead jamboree later in the month?

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Originally Posted by Bob the Badger View Post

Not being divorced means that my missus makes most of my decisions socially wise and so the answer is, sadly, no to Margate. Is that the Skinhead jamboree later in the month?
Well, you must take the rough with the smooth.
The big skinhead thing is this weekend.
There's a few lads off here going (from all generations!). Looking forward to it.
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I was in Ross-On-Wye today, i went into Herrings shoes ( they sell Loake,Barker,Church and their own shoes ) i am still after some long wing brogues,they had some Barker longwings but they had a square/chisel toe and i didnt like the leather,so i am still looking.They did have jodphur boots and oxford toe caps and smoothes,a lot of the stuff was seconds but not all and the prices were all marked down,so it might be worth a look to anyone passing near to the town ( dont bother with the Labels outlet centre on the outskirts though,a waste of time IMO ).
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Buttons. I am definitely old ( and loving it ! ),not bald,fat or skint though,and thats a bit of a problem in a way because although i can afford what i want...what i want is very difficult to find.
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I see Mick Jagger has hinted Rolling Stones might rerun same set list as 1969 Hyde Park concert when they return to the park tomorrow.

No chance of Originals showing up to recreate other elements of 1969 event? ;-)
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Originally Posted by elwood View Post

Good list, Mr. Badger. Here's mine, usual disclaimer about personal opinion only etc.

Do/ would wear:
Sheepskin (on list for winter)
Fly-fronted mac (still looking)
John Smedley knitwear (shirts, pullovers: long sleeve & sleeveless)
Sta-Prest (nearest equivalent can find; intend to try Brooks Brothers' flat-front Milano fit)
BD shirts (plain or striped rather than check)
Suits: 3-button, narrow lapel etc.
Shoes: longwing brogue, Oxfords, smooths/ Derby, desert boots, loafers

Don't wear/ probably wouldn't wear (but never say never):
denim jeans (haven't had any for 20+ years so just got out of wearing them)
denim jacket (don't seem to see old style without side-pockets anyway)
red socks
tie-pin in pocket

Don't wear but might:
Two-tone Tonik suit (probably not the green/gold I had in 71/72 but maybe something more "muted")
DMs (Wore my mid-70s pair at football through to early 80s when they were relegated to "gardening". As that involved precious little use they ended up binned on a house move in last ten years - pity as they were made in England. Not been tempted by them since then but the William Lennon versions posted recently look pretty good.)


Here's mine;


I am currently sat here in a 3 button stone coloured suit with flat fronted trousers, pale blue BD oxford weave Ben Sherman (dyed myself), rose brown 'English'  brogues, light blue/yellow patterned tie. I wouldn't normally go for this colour combo for work but it's the staff BBQ this afternoon and the sun is shining........


I always wear 100 leather shoes for work, this has meant 'English' or 'Royals' type brogues for a quite a few years but has also included Oxfords (with a toe cap)

BD shirts 

I own (and wear) 2 Harrington jackets - one sky blue (obviously!), one plum coloured.

I own 3 Levi Jackets, one indigo, one naturally faded and one I have dyed brown - all of these are the original 70500 pattern. (I also own a stone wash 'trucker' style Levi jacket with side pockets but only wear it under a 3/4 length brown leather jacket.)

I wear Levi 501s - Indigo, naturally faded and stone washed. (but not turned up)

In the last few months I have bought 2 gingham BD Ben Shermans (one sky, one navy) 

I occasionally wear sleeveless pullovers. Last winter I saw a beautiful Gant fair-isle sleeveless pullover - very subtle blues, greys and maroon. I knew it would be expensive so waited for the sale - when I eventually went in to buy it, it was too big for me. 

I have recently bought a stone coloured fly fronted mac and have really enjoyed wearing it

For my 18th birthday my parents bought me a knee length sheepskin coat, I still have it, it still fits (what's all this, fat, bald and skint......?) and yes, in the winter, I still wear it.

I have 2 Fred Perrys 



I still have 2 pairs of Doc Martens - one Cherry Red, one black. Cherry Red ones I've had since the 1970's and have 'Made In England' on the sole - I hardly ever wear either pair - only very rarely to walk to the pub in the snow i.e. once or twice a year.


would wear a 3 button two tone suit, if only I had somewhere to wear it - it would be completely lost on my current mates, none of whom are of the style and if I turned up at Wetherspoon's in it, people would ask who'd died! 


I haven't worn braces since I was 18 and don't think I ever will.

Some years ago I bought a very nice dark grey, fly fronted crombie. I hardly wore it as I couldn't think when it would be suitable. I gave it away in the end.


However, as previously stated, the clothes of my youth influence, rather than dictate my current style. I wear lots of other stuff not connected to the skinhead/suedehead look. I wear business suits for work everyday - currently none of them are 3 button (some are 3 piece) Not all of my work shirts are BD. Away from work I wear different types of t-shirts and other makes of jeans besides Levis. There are no wrong or right clothes, only what is appropriate.

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