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Does anyone have a seamstress they can recommend in Phoenix/Scottsdale?

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What type of collar is pictured here that makes it "stand up" so nicely like that?


And/or stiffer collar interlining.
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If I order a suit online, how will I know how well it will fit? Seems like a crap shoot to me, even with measurements.

Also, I need to buy a suit now and have it alterable for when I gain a bit of muscle, should I be sizing up for this like one size or would that look ridiculous?

Suit noob here, come at me bros.

Also, if I get a dark gray suit (charcoal/gunmetal) would it look bad to wear a steel colored hat? Would I need to wear it with a medium gray suit to better match? Hat noob, too.

If you are buying an off-the-rack suit it is kind of a hit or miss. It would be best to do a made-to-measure such as But if you don't want to spend that much money, either go to a store and try on a few suits to see what size you want. Make sure the website you buy the suit from has a return policy.

For gaining muscle, it depends on how much you want/realistically expect to gain. Don't get a slim fit suit, as gaining inches will make this suit to small. If you get a tailored fit (please do not get traditional fit) you will be able to gain some weight, and you can get it taken out an inch or so. 

Ugh, sites like (really? black lapel?) contribute to the confusion. "Traditional" and "tailored" are not mutually exclusive.
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I just bought a Jack Victor charcoal 2-button suit, fits great. $700 including tailoring; getting it brought in in the middle, getting the sleeves shortened, getting an inch off the waist and getting the pants hemmed with a slight break. Expensive but great customer service where I went and I need at least one nice suit. Not as slim as I want it but I realized that's because I'm not a slim dude, too much muscle hahaha.

Place I went gets shirts made too, so I'll probably get one made right now. It's only $165.

Thanks for the tips guys.
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I'm getting ready to hit up the Suitsupply store in NYC.  I don't require MTM, I fit OTR/RTW just fine.  Does anyone know if I can add a vest to their OTR/RTW suits and how much extra that's going to run me (e.g. Sevilla Navy Stripe $399)?

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I'll likely start a thread for this after a point, but I'd just like to know whether anyone has any recommendations for new Fall/Winter trenchcoats that are currently available.


(I'm looking for a long beige/tan coat that's either slim-fitting or classic à la Alain Delon's piece in Le samourai and


Please let me know if you have any ideas, guys.

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thanks for reminding me. it can't hurt to try.

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I'm looking for a dress shoe (or boot) that I can wear preferably year round with denim and chinos.  Does anyone have any suggestions that are around the $300-400 price range?

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Possible to extend sleeves of a jacket w/o screwing up proportionals of cuff to buttons?
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Originally Posted by Flame View Post

Possible to extend sleeves of a jacket w/o screwing up proportionals of cuff to buttons?

Depending on how much you are letting the sleeves out, the tailor can move the buttons around (if not functional, obviously)

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My question is about a trouser wardrobe for a business casual or slightly dressier environment, where suits are only worn once a week or every other week. All the lists of essentials specify a pair of mid-grey wool, crisp khakis, and dark denim. Some also include chinos. Leaving out chinos, three pairs of pants doesn't seem adequate.
So the question is, do you have two pairs of each or do you supplement with other colors?


If you need more variety, or simply need more than three pairs of trousers to wear during the week, you can go with different textures of material or different patterns. Other colors are fine too, although if it is a conservative environment I would ensure that you don't go too wild. Think like olive wool trousers, brown chinos, even a pair of slim fitting pinstripe trousers. Be careful with that last one though as it can tend to look like you are wearing suit trousers that you lost the jacket for.


So I picked up a pair of light grey wool trousers.  A bit lighter than I wanted but all I could find in my size at Nordstrom Rack (JB Britches flat fronts, $80).  Interested in thoughts on the brand before I have them tailored.


I have another question about trousers...when people say khakis are essential, does this typically mean khaki colored wool or khaki chinos?

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Looking for a versatile casual driver (prefer suede) to wear with shorts and chinos (or other cotton trousers), any suggestions on specific shoes, brands, or sites to look on? Does a suede make it more casual? Hoping for something in the $100-$150 price point, but willing to spend more if I really need to.

Similar to these:

Polo Ralph Lauren 'Telly' Driving Loafer
Prada Suede Driving Shoe

Cole Haan 'Air Grant' Driving Loafer
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Should I pick these "Wurkin Stiffs" collar stays for the perfect roll or do MC'ers have a better suggestion? Price is not really an issue but I do not need something like sterling silver etc. Just something that will work and give the ideal collar roll.

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What's so special about the USPS facility in Chicago? All my packages ends up at the Chicago, IL 60666 facility, and I hear nothing from the tracking number after it has arrived the facility. Does it mean that it is on the way to international destinations?

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Hey folks


I've been hunting watches for a while, but being a student and with the exchange rate as it is at the moment, my budget is seriously limited.


Was initially looking at the Skagen super slim, as I am really not fond of bulky watches although I do have decently sized wrists.



After loads of searching this forum and others, it seems that these are really not very durable. I really love the design, suits my style and my personality.


So after some deliberation I have been looking at the Seiko automatics. Far from the lovely slim Skagen, but perhaps a worthy contender? I hunted around on Amazon and found this baby on special.




Still a pretty fine looking time piece (bar the date, which seems hamfisted), but looking at the strap, I am guessing that I'd not be able to swap around much, if at all? Hopefully I am wrong.


Perhaps not a direct question, but can anyone share any opinions, knowledge or recommendations here? Once again, my budget is tight, and I'd max out at $100.


Thanks for your time :)

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