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Louis Boston sale -- my "unofficial" report

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Okay, let's start with what I got: lightweight casual button up (not button down) shirt by Age in a deep indigo color for $95; Paper Denim 2-year LTD for $95 (best jean I've ever tried on, BTW -- totally worth the money); lightweight Belvest flat front trousers in a charcoal mini-herringbone weave for $212.  I would say no regrets at all.  I was close to buying a pair of Barbera mid-weight flannel pants, but figured I'd wait until the 60% days because I already have about four or five pairs of flannel pants that I really like.  Kind of regretting that decision, though.   What I liked:  (1) Vass shoes -- incredible fit.  Comfort factor blows Green away, in my opinion, and I love my Greens.  I wish the leather were a little more English (thicker), but on the U last the more supple leather probably works better.  Totally worth the money, but I'm waiting until 60% off to bite.  (2)  Age shirts -- double needle stitching, but pretty good stitching.  Great fabrics, and great fit (close to the body, shorter hem, but arms still long enough to cover the wrists properly).  Buttons seem to be dark MOP or troca -- if they are plastic, they sure fooled me.  (3)  The selection of trousers -- this was the highlight of the sale in my opinion.  (4)  The shoe selection -- they had a lot to choose from.  (5)  Dries van Noten shirts -- I loved the styling, though they were overpriced (double needle stitching, average buttons at best) and the arms too short for me.  (5)  Truzzi shirts -- awesome fit at a price much less than Kiton and Fray.  Good fabrics too.  I'll be looking for Truzzi on Ebay.  I liked Fray a lot, but Truzzi was better.  I couldn't find anything left in my size though, because it took me a couple of hours to make my way to dress shirts.   Things I didn't like:  (1)  Steven Alan shirts -- you've gotta be kidding me with these.  Double needle stitching, average fabrics at best, and the most hideous looking plastic buttons I've ever seen.  Collar is ridiculously short on the neck, making your head look huge and your neck too long.  I don't get the attraction of these -- Abercrombie gives you the same styling and quality at about 1/3 of the price.  (2)  Suit selection in 40R -- I literally saw ZERO fully canvassed pieces in this size.  Was I looking in the wrong place?  (3)  Knitwear -- Maybe I judged too quickly, but I didn't see any knitwear that I'd like.  Everything seemed to be thin fabrics in horizontal stripes.  (4)  Customer service -- a bit hit or miss.  I had some great help with shirts, but the dressing room attendants were rushing people out. Final grade -- A+. Great deals to be had on staple pieces, and just a sensory overload of great cuts and fabrics.
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I didn't realize that the 60% off would apply to Vass shoes, too. What does that bring them down to? And Louis doesn't carry EG anymore, right? dan
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Paper Denim 2-year LTD for $95 (best jean I've ever tried on, BTW -- totally worth the money);
Yep, Paper Denims are by far the most comfortable jeans I've ever had (and I have about 8 pairs right now.) I nearly picked up that pair for a friend. I'm glad you got them. Hope you're hooked.
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Went back today--no Paper Denims left in my size. Drat. Did pick up  some other nice casual pants, among them a Dries Van Noten, very substantial cotton fabric in an interesting mini-pattern weave of brown & gold with great pocket details, a pair of slim-cut cotton P.A.RO.S.H pants, and a Neil Barrett moleskin in a kind of soft putty color also with nice pocket details and a fuller cut through the legs. Tried on a really nice Belvest sportcoat in brown, rust & gold, just didn't fit, damnit. Looked great with the Barrett & Dries pants.
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I wish the leather were a little more English (thicker), but on the U last the more supple leather probably works better.
Hmm, haven't heard this before. There is no difference in the thickness of the leather between say, EG and Vass, so you must be feeling a difference in lining/stiffening layers... Oh, and my PDC 2yr LTD's (have several pair) are far and away my favorite and best jeans.
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Andrew, In hindsight, I may have been fooled by two things. First, the pair I had tried on seem to have been tried on before and somewhat broken in across the vamp. Second, you are right that the "thinness" I felt was mainly across the toe area, which may be the natural leather stiffener that Vass uses in the toe.
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Before any of you attending and purchasing at the Louis sale takes anything back, would you consider listing on the Forum some things you may be taking back (esp shoes) and perhaps giving some of us out West a crack at those items? Thanks.
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No returns. That's the only rule of the Sale (yes, I will capitalize it, thank you -- it was that fun). So, I'm sure you will be seeing some posts -- though I haven't made a regretful purchase just yet.
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How much Louis Boston is selling Vass U last shoes?
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$600 for U last, down to $480 on Thursday. I called today and they had plenty left -- guy said that U lasts are hard to fit for most people, making them less popular with Americans (don't know if that is true or not, but that's what he said). I'm going to get a pair on Thursday for myself, and I'd be happy to pick up a pair for you if you'd like. Just give me your size. They have the dark brown boxcalf (wingtip) and the derby (algonquin) in a slightly lighter shade of brown.
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