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yeah, I had to drop a ton of people this week to provide replacements for starters. Included in that list was Holmes, Winslow, Scheffler, Sproles, Floyd, and picked up and dropped Keller. Now I need to drop Oakland, Brown, Green-Ellis, and perhaps Cassel to reload my 'gun'. That's why I was asking.
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Good to see that the Pats are working Moss into the game more. He almost had a monster, but I will take 100yds receiving any day. I hope Colston is up and ready to go after the bye week. I still have Moore, but never know which one to start...
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I remember saying "Moore is done" once Colston returned. That clearly wasn't true.

mcpaul: Holmes has been a tremendous disappointment this year, and now he's facing a drug ban. Waste of a 6th-round pick.
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Moore for Ginn Jr?
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not for another 2 weeks...then consider it
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Holmes wasn't a 6th round pick, he was a 4th! (16 team league) I grabbed Ginn, could be a big week for him vs. Denver, could be a bust. If you can afford to take a risk, I'd do so. However, Lance may still have some value, but not for long.
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ewwww was watching the game at the poker house in town with the same people who i play FF with. i was up by 10 before tonight. he had peyton and bironas(sp?) and i had c Johnson. he took lead in 4th with fg, i took it with johnsons 19yd td run, then the took it back on the colts last drive exciting none the less, was hoping for better result though
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Originally Posted by michaeljkrell View Post
Moore for Ginn Jr?

In Miami there's serious questions about Ginn's abilities on the field (route-running, Pennington's arm takes away long game). I'd argue he had his breakout game b/c McGee had a bum knee.

With that being said...sure, why not. No one has stepped up as WR1 in Miami, so the upside is tremendous with Ginn. He also learned how to run slants and posts in the last few weeks (sarcasm), so he could be super-valuable down the stretch.
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I just traded Cotchery & Bush for Gore & B. Edwards. I am pretty excited about the deal! Imo Gore is going to be the #1 or #2 back for the rest of the season. You know Singletary is going to be feeding him the ball even more. Yeah, the Saints play the Falcons and the Chiefs the next two games, but who knows if he is going to play and/or how many snaps he is going to get. I also already have most of the other saints players so I didn't want to put all my eggs in one basket. I still think Cotchery is pretty solid, but Favre isn't looking too red hot lately and the Browns may having something to play for. Plus J. Lewis is looking really strong in the run game which should open things up a little more. So that makes my top 3 receivers Colston, Moss & Edwards (w/Royal & Moore) and my backs AP, Forte & Gore (w/S. Morris on the bench). I am liking my chances down the stretch as long as Brees stays healthy...
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Forte & Gore make for a great one-two punch as both play as centers of offense for their respective teams. They also aren't afraid of catching the ball so they do have an added fantasy bonus. I lucked out having them both on my team this year. Then again I also have Andre Johnson and Brandon Marshall at WR so it's no surprise I'm #1 in the SF league. Edwards is a decent play as it's almost guaranteed that the Browns will be down. It's just too bad that he isn't having the same season as last year. Blame Anderson. Still, Bush's questionable injury is enough to make me think you got a deent deal in the long run.
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wow mjk thats a helluva deal u got there. gore>>bush and edwards>>>>cotchery imo. edwards will be a "must start" soon enough. its getting to the point in the season where i tend to unload my "depth", i.e. slaton, chambers like players, to try and make a completely stacked starting lineup. with only a couple more byes and injuries becoming more forseeable (try and make sense of that lol,) depth becomes less important and a starting lineup that is possibly one-two players better, with the tradeoff being less upside bench players, is critical for the "one-and-done" nature of the playoffs and late season must-win games.
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Felt pretty good before the Pats game started. Up by 12 with Moss while my opponent has Hines Ward. No passes to Moss in the first half is making me a little nervous... Do you think it would be completely nuts to trade Moss for the top LB (Willis) & top DL (Tuck)?
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wow that's a great deal MJK! You're getting a real stacked team there! Unfortunately no one in my league likes to trade so I'm mostly stuck with my depth players like Lewis and Slaton. I need WR help bad!! I think I'm 14 points ahead with FWP left for the other guy. Crossing fingers on an 8-1 season thus far. I'm really starting to freak out about QB's. I've got Cutler who I'm getting scared of, Cassel, who petrifies me.... Do you guys think that Brady Quinn will do something worthwhile this year?
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I don't think Quinn will be doing much of anything. The Browns probably should have won that game if Edwards would have a caught that 70 yard touchdown pass that went right through his hands (suprise). That interception for a touchdown was pretty inexplicable though...
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I didn't know that Quinn was starting when you posted the question. I would keep Cutler over Quinn any day of the week. Who to start this week? Gore & AP are locks. I think I am going to sit Forte since the Bears are facing the Titans. So I am thinking of starting B. Edwards, Royal & Colston over Moss, Forte & Moore. Should I consider benching Colston & starting Forte though?
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