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NFL's best dressed?

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At least it's not Deion... [/u]]http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2004....U]
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my first post, and of course I screw up the link... NFL's best dressed
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What is with pro athletes and incredibly high gorged suits? I'm not exactly sure but I think he is wearing a five button. French cuff shirt with jeans? Ugh...
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"square toe?" yeah, awesome. My favorite though is that he has two wedding bands. Presumably for when he wants to change up his look.
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I like wearing French cuffed shirts with jeans...
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I saw this in my SI the other day and actually I think he looks pretty good. I don't have a problem with 4 or 5 button suits, especially on someone who's 6'6" and 310 lbs - that's a lot of frame to cover. You have to be impressed that he takes the time to work on his look and that he cares about the details. So what if he has two wedding bands - I assume the one with the diamonds is for special occasions and the everyday platinum is one that he feels comfortable leaving in a visitors locker room while playing road games. Considering how many items such as watches, cufflinks, et al that many members of this forum have I find it hard to believe anyone is questioning that. And hey - what's wrong with a french cuff shirt with jeans? Many people, myself included, have admitted to wearing this look and it's better than a hoodie. As for the shoes - he's a size 17 - how much choice does he really have. Finally the quote from his tailor pretty much says it all, "Richard is not flashy, but he doesn't want to look like he just walked out of Wall Street," says Smith. "He likes his clothes to have a little flavor." All in all I say give the guy some credit. Bradford
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While I don't personally advocate that particular look to anyone under 6'5" and $250 and who is not a pro athelete, I say, "why not?" I'm going to get blasted for this, but I think that some guys can get away with flash, and he seems to be able to. I know no one who can do what Andre 3000 does either, but so what? These guys have more pizazz in their every step than a room full of Wall Street clones trying to look "respectable". When I was in LA, I was always really impressed by the (black) guys who wore ghetto mustard pinstriped suits and Stacy Adams faux alligator shoes. Sure, the suits were, objectively, pieces of crap, as well all the accessories, but they looked put together somehow. It was them. It just goes to show that it is the man who makes the clothes and not the clothes who make the man.
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his suit has pink pinstripes, hes wearing a pink tie, and his cufflinks are pink. Im sorry but thats just tacky.
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Im sorry but thats just tacky.
That's part of the charm, imo. Totally over the top. Restraint is not in his vocabulary.
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Smith, 46, whose company is called Bespoke Carolina, has had more than 120 NFL clients for his suits, which range from $800 to $1,800.
A man of that size must require at least 3.5-4 yards of cloth.  Here's guessing that construction is less than amazing even if the cutting and stiching is contracted to somewhere in Asia.
Pink tie, pink cufflinks, pink pocket square. Says Smith, "I add all the accessories so it's completely a turnkey. He won't have to think about what he needs to complete the look. He just needs to add shoes and go."
Ditto, just tacky.
That's part of the charm, imo.  Totally over the top.  Restraint is not in his vocabulary.
That's my problem with Seymour's attire.  The football player isn't putting together the outfit--the "stylist" is providing his own interpretation of what looks good.
Brown Mezlan Alligator/Ostrich loafers ($650).
Ok, now I feel a bit sheepish.  Try adding a point to the OCD list.  You know you're "shoes obsessed" when a fair number of CALFSKIN models in your own wardrobe retail for more than the footwear worn by an NFL player.  Hmm, and technically I'm masquerading as a poor grad student.
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Frankly, I don't care what he wears; he plays like a motherf---er. From the Pats website: Seymour Named Patriots Best Dressed Although it hasn't created a media buzz quite yet, the latest Patriot to win an award is none other than defensive end Richard Seymour. If you haven't seen the current issue of Sports Illustrated, the magazine named Seymour the best dressed of the Patriots in its SI Players section. Seymour, who was a bit modest about the spread, said he hasn't seen issue but friends have called him about it. "Well, it's tough to argue with the truth," Seymour joked about being the best-dressed Patriot. According to Seymour, the nomination came about as the result of some background work by tight end Christian Fauria. It turns out Fauria has a friend at the publication who asked him who he would nominate among his teammates. "Through the process of elimination it was [Seymour]," Fauria said. "It was a tight race. It was pretty even.  I didn't want to leave anybody out. People spend a lot of money on their clothes. Tom [Brady] was a candidate. Ted Johnson. Willie [McGinest] and Don Davis. But I stuck with Seymour. It was highly debated, but I had to make a call."
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Frankly, I don't care what he wears; he plays like a motherf---er.
I agree - there should be an article on how he's the best defensive lineman in football.
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I have a large roster of NFL players and most of them want unique looks and I have to keep a record of who has what to make sure that I don't make 2. Most of the players are well dressed and are usually required to wear coat and tie for all road games and most just go ahead and dress for home games becuase they like it. It's a better image for kids to aspire to than sweats and hoodies.
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Ah, no love for the humble hoodie, as usual.
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i don't see how that guy looks any different or dresses any better than the other nfl players. his clothes look 'typical.' i do like how deion sanders dresses. he has a look that's well thought out and cohesive. not that i would wear that stuff myself, but the man truely has a signature style, and i admire that.
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