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I'm going on vacation to Paris for one week, leaving tomorrow. My wardrobe is mostly CBD, so I see this as an opportunity to try out some more casual looks on the classic menswear spectrum. I don't have much in this vein, but I'm trying to put something together based around the linen/wool jacket below.


Silk knit tie:


Wool knit tie:



These trousers are cheap and cotton. I figured they might be better than wool for travelling, but after scrutinizing these photos I think my grey hopsack wool trousers would improve the fit a lot. I can always take the cheap cotton for backup. Anybody have any experience with which type of fabric would travel better?


It's been challenging for me to come up with a fit that works with this jacket, and I'm not sure I've succeeded. Any thoughts? I've never been to Paris before so I have no idea if this outfit will match the architecture, so to speak. Thanks!