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Michael tapia suit

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This is a new one on me: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....53&rd=1 That's a Castangia suit. Very nice.
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Also, a note to all on BostonPainter's auctions. First I must mention that they are recommended. But don't let his mannequin throw you. It has very square shoulders, and combined with the angle the pics are taken from, all the jackets tend to look extremely structured and padded. In fact, a lot of them are from Louis and have lightly padded or even unpadded shoulders.
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A short article/fluff piece on Michael Tapia from British GQ...
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I've never heard of Tapia before. Can anyone provide more background as to who he is, what his history is, how he styles his clothes, etc?
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I think that Bostonpainter buys a lot of closeout merchandise from Filene's basement (at their 75% off rate) and flips it. In fact, I would put money on this. For example, Filenes Basement had a blowout event last week (40% extra off all tailored clothing) and I'm sure I'll see some of that stuff turn up soon. It's quite fun to see a piece I looked at Filene's turn up, somewhat predictably. So, legit goods.
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That seems like a small jacket for being size 42r. In any case, I like the shoulders and lapels.
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LA GUY,You're correct about Bostonpainter's source.I had my eye on the cashmere double breasted Kiton jacket which was going to be 75% off on a Monday morning,but too difficult to get to the Basement that day.I give BP credit-great pics,posts,and the Kiton already has a bid which yields good profit.
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