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+1 Bring it on!
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the korshak stuff isn't here yet, probably not till the end of this week. i am preparing a sheet for you guys where i discounted a bunch of stuff. the prices will be for you guys and anyone you know, not on the site for a good while. i discounted about 900K worth of stuff down where 17% of the entire list is right at cost (give or take a few round-ups) or below. i've just bought way too much this year
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Discostu -

Post the list!
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sorry guys, it's leaving dallas tomorrow. the guy who handles the shipping was out in jamaica, which obviously was delayed b/c of the storm. someone can buy the whole shipment if they want (just checking )
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Between you and the Quality Seller, we'll all be broke.
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OK, the shipment finally came in yesterday (39 total boxes). There are 245 women's shoes for some reason (i HIGHLY suggest some of you guys pick up a few pairs. it makes it a TON easier to introduce YOUR new shoes when she gets some!). so far only shoes have been opened:
1 pair of Cleverly
1 pair of lobb
1 pair of Bontoni made for Eddie Jones (NBA Player)
Several RLPL sandals and thongs
T.O. Stanley custom cowboy boots (including a cognac crocodile $7,595 pair)
several gravati spectators

that's it so far!
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Originally Posted by discostu004 View Post
(39 total boxes).

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Any wholecuts in 10 are mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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several great Dingman by silvano sassetti, including the two 8.5 and 12 alligator chukka that was in Robb Report ($4,795)
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I've seen the Dingman dark brown alligator chukkas to which Lance refers, and they're simply beautiful. Unfortunately, I just couldn't determine that I would ever wear them. If you will wear them, I'd recommend that you seriously consider them.

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The girlfriend wants to know about photos of above mentioned shoes....she thinks 245 new friends are coming home.
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OK, this might be a slow process (filling this sheet), but so far here's what i have done:

images are in this folder:

the gator chukkas are ridiculous. i can't believe fate would tempt me with a size 12
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My wife says to bring on her shoe pictures!
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women's shoes won't have pix until i try a local sale. with all the ankle stuff and ties and such pix just don't do justice without a foot in it. i'm going to try something locally and see if i can move them that way first. in the meantime:

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I know what you mean...I hate selling women's shoes!
Any idea when you will get the prices up?
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