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Tricker's in a fix?

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My recent visit to Tricker's factory shop has raised some rather niggling questions for me. Six months ago there was a small article in the business section of local (Northampton) press, concerning a company restructuring or refinancing, that I noticed but had discounted. 


From St Michael's Street, the factory presents an impressive facade of glazed brown brickwork, extending several stories upwards and quite a distance from side to side, but visitors to the factory shop must enter from the rear. Here, the factory presents a less impressive aspect, and it is clear from the signage that, upwards from the first storey, the premises are occupied by another firm. As visitors to the Tricker's factory shop will be aware, it has windows looking into the factory itself, but one rapidly realises that what can be seen from the shop is not merely a final finishing room - the final holding area for shoes that have been assembled elsewhere on the premises - it is in fact quite probably the only part of the entire building where Tricker's shoes appear to be assembled (if indeed that is what was going on there - all I could see was a bit of polishing and putting shoes in boxes). There is an office area at the front of the building, and a shop floor with 20 or so men working - and that seems to be it.


Crockett & Jones, nearby, employ around 450 to 500 - so I just wonder slightly what really goes on at Tricker's?

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St Michael's Road.


Doesn't really answer your question, but on my visit to Trickers I entered via the front door on St Micheal's Road having run the buzzer*


I was ushered, rather smartly let it be said, through the factory wherein I can say there were stacks of lasts and various shoe building activity taking place.



*A gentleman never enters via the rear unannounced.

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Trickers seem to have a lot of and very diverse group of clients. Not to say that even with great sales they can't be in financial trouble, but it seems unlikely.
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