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If you're like me and indie web radio is your constant companion at the office, you've probably already seen this. If you're not, but you care about the future of web broadcasting and opportunities for indie-label artists, you should check out this site. Basically, barring a lot of ruckus on the part of the voting public, internet radio as we know it may be on the verge of extinction. Terrestrial radio is basically unlistenable in just about every market in the country; satellite is okay, but doesn't have the character of a lot of the better web stations, and with XM and Sirius potentially merging, who knows what'll happen.

Again, if you give a damn about the music scene wherever you happen to live, take a few minutes to educate yourself and sign the petition. Thanks.
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Bumping this b/c I think it's important, and was hoping to get a bit of interest given the nature of much of the music discussion around here. Normally I'm not all "look at me!" if I start a boring thread, but this is something I feel pretty strongly about...
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Just from looking briefly at the site it doesn't really sum up HOW the cost has changed. Basically the copyright royalties board decided that instead of paying X a month/year to play material, internet broadcasters are now required to per playing which has significantly increased cost to them. Based on limited funding it's going to cause them to go bankrupt. The goal is to reverse this decision so that business can go on as usual.

Techdirt with extra links:
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^^ Well said; I actually had that explained to me while listening to my web station of choice, but you're right that the site by itself doesn't do the best job of explaining things.

Maybe if I post some nekkid pics in here we can up the view count; or perhaps some Bellucci pics? Maybe they should try and enlist Monica in this know, it being charitable and all...
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Hmm... I had no idea this was happening, which I guess shouldnt really be suprising because I don't ever listen to the radio on the internet. I will write an email to my rep though.

What are some good stations out there? Ive heard of Pandora(?) but never really explored the subject, Ive always just stuck with the blogs, live torrents, the Archive, and records.
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Pandora is a great service. is another popular one along with and then you can find any number of stations from . A lot of local radio stations will also broadcast over the net. This originally started because NPR is going to pay dearly from this decision.
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