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I was going to mention both Comrade Lenin's suit wearing, also wearing an old-fashioned worker's cloth cap for a more proletarian look, but nmfa beat me to the punch on both counts!
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One word: monochrome. Now you may say that is how a Communist dresses but the difference is that a Socialist chooses to wear it, whereas a Communist is, shall we say, strongly encouraged to do so.
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Socialist. Get a suit like everyone else. Second choice if you are a successful closet capitalist masquerading as a socialist would be to get a nice suit and then buy the same for everyone else.
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Switch a couple of letters around and go from 'socialist' to 'socialite' and then it will all be clear to you, grasshopper.
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Originally Posted by Allen View Post

There is no dress code per-se, although I'm expecting most people will be wearing suits and I don't actually want to offend. I was perhaps thinking of wearing a sport coat of some sort, dark blue cords and a light purple OCBD. But would a sportcoat actually be more leftist than a suit? Any ideas? Since it's a month from now, I still have time to place an order with my tailor, so feel free to suggest anything I might buy(no Mao suits).


Wear a Mao suit, and be done with it.
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A Socialist with a sense of irony? Or is it ignorance?
Your avatar is of Salvador Dali, almost alone in the Spanish
Arts community in his de facto support of Franco's Fascists in the Spanish
Civil War and the regime that followed.

I know, I do like the man's art and the way he dressed, not so much his opinions, but he was crazy anyway, so I take it in good humor.
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I see Lenin, three piece suit with that cap. I always vision him in dark brown heavy linen but I accually do not know about material.

It was a long time ago... today, it's costume.
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I would suggest a suit of navy hopsack if you'd like to dress like, say, a garbage collector.
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Originally Posted by Allen View Post

this time I actually want to make a political statement

How about something subtle, like dirty bucks?
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Nice shiny set of buttons for the blazer as well...
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Buy a cheap RTW suit. That's how most sincere socialist activists dress in my home country. Leftists with a bespoke tailor look fake and usually are neo liberals masquerading as the left.
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Cheap RTW suits are made by underpaid, overworked, stressed out workers from third world countries, while most of the money from me buying such a suit would go to some corporate fat cat. I don't want to encourage that. If I have my suit made by my tailor, he gets paid pretty well, uses locally produced fabrics and I won't look like shit. I do want to encourage that.
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You could always wear a nice expensive suit, that wasn't produced by cheap labour exploited proletariat.

....sober dark colour and nothing fashion forward. Plain white shirt. Suggest a plain red tie as well, no dimple and no pocket square either, as they might be considered bourgeoisie.

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That's completely off-topic, but: consumer behaviour doesn't drive political change. Political action drives political change.


Back on topic: if you want to show that you support "local labour", that's cool, just make sure that you know what you're buying, and that you don't end up supporting just a particular segment of the local labour - the one catering to the needs of capitalist fat cats.

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