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Review of Proper Cloth MTM Shirt

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Bought my first MTM shirt from  Thought I'd share and see what people think.  Overall a great experience -- website is intuitive, pretty good selection of fabrics (although they don't seem to have many stripes that appeal to me), and lots of fit customization available including (in additional to the usual suspects) tons of different collar options, optional watch allowance, shoulder slope adjustment, posture adjustment, regular or tailored armpit fit, and forearm customization.  Pretty cool.  I followed the directions on the site and measured myself.    Here are the results:












This shirt has been laundered several times, and there was a bit of shrinkage (which they say they to expect), but I'm pretty confident the shirt is stable now.


Overall I'm pleased.  I think I am especially tough to fit since I'm a tennis player which has caused my shoulders to get quite uneven over the years (right one is lower than left one).  I assume this is about as good as I can expect without going bespoke.


One concern I have can be seen in the second picture, which is a bit of bunching around the shoulder area.  This is present in the other shirts I ordered from Propercloth as well.  Also the collar ended up shrinking a bit more than I expected and is now perhaps a tad tight.


Hope this is helpful for anyone considering trying Propercloth out.  Of course any feedback as to how I should improve the fit for my next shirt is appreciated.

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Simple: slightly reduce the measurements in the parts of the shirt where it's baggy. Currently, it looks too much like a shirt before it has been altered. Unfortunately, since it's too big in the shoulders, it will never look great.
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Propercloth is a little on the pricey side but I think their quality is absolutely top-notch. Their stitches, although not single needle, is immaculate. If you're tired of the quality fluctuations of those online Chinese MTO programs, I'd suggest to give PC a shot.
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I know this is discussed in many places here, but I am having trouble determining how much to bring in the shoulders.  Yoke seems to be the toughest thing to get right for me.

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