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Opinions on Job uniform?

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So a few weeks ago I was given a job as a page for one of my state's representatives. I have been shopping around for the appropriate clothes for the job. Today I found a fitted 40r blazer from Brooks Brothers (retail~490 but got it for 168) as well as two Oxford shirts and two pairs of dockers dress khakis. What do you think about fit and style (aside from sleeve length, going to the tailor tomorrow to get them shortened)]

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Congrats on the job!

I've seen a lot, lot worse, so congratulations. You're 90% there.

Keep in mind that for a job like this, conservative is the name of the game. You don't want to be the guy everyone knows because of his clothes. To that end, I'd lose the tie bar. That also impacts the fit--you *want* something "boring" and very conservative.

If you wanted to get nitpicky:
  • Shoulders on the jacket are a bit too big for you.
  • Jacket is a bit short.
  • Jacket looks a bit tight in the chest.
  • Looks like trousers might be a bit too long, but hard to tell.
  • Not a fan of the tie. Look for sedate repp stripes--I'm a big fan of navy grounds. Nothing too flashy.

On the whole, pretty good, especially considering the job for which you are dressing.
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I say keep the tie bar, it won't offend anyone except poster #2:)
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I agree with the point of the tie, I actually bought it because it came with the tie bar. The chest looks tight in the picture because when I put my hand in the pocket it made it pull. But thank you for the comments!
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Perfect confirmation that the blue blazer/grey trousers ensemble is strictly condemned as 'uniform' with no other decent use.

Send the tie back, get something plainer and lose the tie bar.
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The jacket is too small. Too late now, though, if the sleeves have been shortened.

The shirt collar is much too high, by the way.
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It looks alright. It's hard to give a good critique from those pictures, so I won't go far with this. As you mentioned, the sleeves are obviously too long. The shoulders are a bit too wide. In real life (the only thing that matters) you'll look fine. Congrat's on the job.

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