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Yes it's a terrible book
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Originally Posted by fireflygrave View Post

...It felt like everything got resolved way too easily, like the protagonist didn't really have any obstacles to overcome once he started looking up his friends. I dunno, it's hard to explain, it just felt kind of unfulfilling compared to his other works.

I completely agree. I can only assume the emotional tenor of the conflict is different for Japanese audiences. The series of meetings is just so protracted and prosaic that I can't imagine American audiences finding a lot of joy in reading them.
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double post
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Originally Posted by Best Budz View Post

Yes it's a terrible book

I don't expect it to be a masterpiece of modern literature but is it at least a decent page-turner?
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So the grandfather just bequeathed me his set of first-run Ian Fleming books, the hardbacks and the paperbacks. The covers are mostly amazing, but does anyone know where to start with these?
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Noob, you start with Casino Royale. After that it does not really matter if you follow the chronological order.

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I knew not to expect a satisfying resolution but I still feel a little cheated. I will probably read part 2 but I'm not like, dying to know what happens. On it's own it's still a fun little anthology.

Fun, disposable reads. They're very magazine-y. A little outdated but still it's fun to read essays about bands I liked in middle school.

I liked it just fine but I kind of didn't get what it was "about" until I researched it afterward. I think understanding the context surrounding this book is really key because otherwise it's just a cool, well written, albiet kinda weird story.

Really funny, but super choppy and very obviously padded out with extraneous info. Still, Bourdain's love of food and cooking is infectious and the breezy style and the salacious content made it exceptionally readable.

Also re-read:


for a book club i started. It's a lot less impressive the second time, because the world-building isn't as new and exciting and so the kind of weak action-movie plot isn't great. Still, it's an awesome book.
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Just finished The shadow of what was lost by James Islington. I was beginning to think there were no good epic fantasies left to read when I came across this on Amazon kindle store. Part of the new trend of small publishers releasing straight to kindle I guess. 

Really enjoyed the book a lot. First one I've read where multiple POV really worked, all characters were interesting in their own right and the different povs combined to progress the plot. There were lots of surprises, twists, deception, and even time travel. I felt like everything was well thought out without being overly confusing. 

It's part of a trilogy, so I'll be waiting for book 2 next year.

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