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Need advice on a Longines watch

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an ebay seller is selling this Longine's watch, JewelleryBrands, is the company, they are selling this longines watch (pics attached), and i can grab it for about 350-400, good buy? or should buy something else. It doesnt come with papers or box, the reason why I am skeptical, no model or reference number, I am resorted to calling it "Longine's watch". I am assuming it is a heritage.


Movement is automatic, it is a gold filled and stainless steel case. No reference or model number. 







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"Ebay" and "watch" is enough to make me sceptical.

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Yes, I should refine the post a little bit more, but its precisely the lack of information that is making me skeptical. It is listed as a Longine's watch and simply no more information apart from the pictures are provided, no reference or model number, from what I can gather it might be a Longine's heritage.

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I would look at other websites to do with Longines watches that could more accurately help you to value your watch, also find other purveyors of the same item. Then of course some of the copies are so good now that it is difficult to distinguish a real one from a fake. Serial numbers may solve that though.

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Thats the probelm, serial not provided.

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