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They look okay on him, but most people couldn't pull off the colored laces. The magazine picture calls into question how light-colored they are. Light-colored footwear technically isn't appropriate for evening. Regardless, the Cronmoks are too unusual to wear often unless one wishes that to be part of a signature style and they should be worn with interesting clothes/hair (because footwear isn't supposed to be the focal point). An Indy boot would be more versatile.

Hey, just wanted to say your recommendation ended up being spot-on. I got the brown Cronmoks in 10D on ebay for just $140 new because they had a damaged insole (that I can't even really feel the flaw in). The extra width doesn't bother me at all, this is a really comfortable shoe and it looks great with almost everything. The red laces aren't nearly as flashy as one might think, they just look nice. Thanks for pointing me towards the shoe, I actually never considered AE for boots even though I have a bunch of their dress shoes.

Still waiting on my 10B navy pair, apparently they're being custom made. I might replace the laces with white and see how that looks, could be pretty baller.