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For Sale: BLOWOUT: Pants, Jeans, Shoes (Augusta, Balenciaga, W+H, N(N), APC...)

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For Sale:
BLOWOUT: Pants, Jeans, Shoes (Augusta, Balenciaga, W+H, N(N), APC...)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

So I've come to the realization that I have an entire collection of clothing worth thousands of dollars that I can maybe wear one day a week for the rest of my life. Instead of letting it all rot in my closet until the end of time, I'm selling it all for ridiculously cheap prices. However, I'm pretty tight on time these days so the insane prices come with a few caveats:
1) I can't take any more pictures or take any measurements unless you can guarantee me that you will buy my stuff or are already purchasing something else. Everything fits like a 46 top/bottom and a 10-10.5 shoe. I guarantee it, I'm 5'10" and 150 with a pretty average body and right smack in the middle of 46.
2) This sale thread will only exist for ONE WEEK. I am shipping everything out next Sunday, and anything that does not sell by that time will never see the light of day again.
3) I may be slow to answer PMs. I apologize, but please understand that I am extremely busy. If you can be ready to PayPal when you message me and can do as much research as you can on your own, it will be of benefit to both parties (sorry, I'm really just being honest here).
4) No lowballing. All prices are as-is including shipping in the CONUS as I already know that it's all ridiculously cheap. I will discount $5 for each additional item that you purchase, however.

3Sixteen Grey Jeans. Size 28. 9/10. $60
3Sixteen has fantastic construction and these are the slim cut ones that fit real nice, too. Probably would be best for a 29-30.

Wings + Horns Westpoint Chinos. Size 29. 9/10. $100
Black Chinos, the best combination of cut and material out of all the chinos I've tried out there. Fits a 29-30.

Number (N)ine Skinny Jeans. Size 3x34. 9/10. $90
THE skinny jeans from the defunct brand. Darts on the thighs and legs, if you have really skinny legs these are the perfect pair.

APC Petite Standard Jeans. Size 28. 8.5/10 $90
You know these. Worn for a couple of months, washed maybe once. Just starting to show light fading, pictures are accurate.

Pierre Hardy High Tops. 44. 9/10. $140
You all know the PH high tops are fantastic. Equal in construction to CP for sure. Flannel dark grey outside with zips, these are my favorite sneakers and I"ll be sad to see them go.
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Augusta Boots Size 43. 7.5/10. $450 PENDING
This is a ridiculous price for a great pair of laceup boots. Augusta has unmatched quality of construction and materials, these boots are no exception. Vibrammed, still a ton of life before the rubber soles have to be switched out for new ones.
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Silent Shorts. Size XS. 8/10. $35
These shorts are fantastic for that loungey look. Really comfortable jersey.
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Balenciaga Jeans. Size 46. 9/10. $110 SOLD
Retail price on these was something insane, I want to say over $500. Really lightweight material, has a bit of a sheen.

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