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Need some advice on this suit

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Recently bought my first suit (and yes, my poor attempt at tying a tie has been pointed out to me - and also doing the second button) and I've had some feedback. The predominant one being the shoulders may be too wide (this isn't a tailored suit by the way), but what is catching my eye often are the arms. I'm quite thin and the arms, particularly the bottom part, seem to be very baggy. When I put my hands into my trouser packets, this is further emphasised. 









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The shoulders are a bit big but nothing you can't get away with. Problem with the suit is that it's a very boxy cut with little shape and very large armholes. Not much you can do about that as a whole. However, if you brought it to a tailor and had him take in the jacket, shorten the sleeve length, and do a lot of work on the pants (ie: bring in the seat, crotch, thighs, taper the leg-opening, and shorten the length) it could be passable. However, looking at the suit I would assume it wasn't super expensive, which could make all of the above suggestions a moot point if you were trying to save money as that could be pretty expensive

PS: Don't button the bottom button on your suit jacket.
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I think it looks ok. I agree that the shoulders may be a tad wide, but hardly noticeable, not really an issue (unless you paid a fortune for the suit, in which case it should have been tailored better).


I would definitely have the sleeves shortened an inch or so (whatever it takes to see a bit of shirtsleeve under them. I wouldn't bother with narrowing them, myself, but it would look better, I admit. You could do as much or as little as you like with tailoring, as suggested in the above post, depending on how much it is worth to you. However, I think most people will not notice these little things, so don't feel uncomfortable doing the minimum, or even nothing-- it kind of depends on what you want out of the suit. E.g. what your comfort level is, and where you will be wearing it.


I'm no expert, mostly a lurker here, but that's my advice based on my modest experience and readings.

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Shoulders look like it is about 0.5 inch to wide. The Hip looks like it is about 1 inch too wide for your frame but, it can be adjusted by a tailor. You should shorten the sleeve to be above the wrist and the arms can be adjusted to look slimmer. Still, if you have to do all those modifications, the price tag might be equal or above the price of you suit. If you live in Toronto, keep an eye open for MTM events by Harry Rosen on suits. If not, you can always pick up a Z Zegna or Hugo Boss Red Label suit which are cut slimmer and smaller. Harry Rosen will make the adjustments for you without extra charge if you buy from them.

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Go try on the next size smaller and compare pictures side by side. Might save you from having to do drastic alterations.
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That was the smallest (36) they had. The jacket was already purchased as I didnt myself see anything wrong with it initially. I'll speak to them about price with the alterations and will update you guys later

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Originally Posted by meus View Post

That was the smallest (36) they had. The jacket was already purchased as I didnt myself see anything wrong with it initially. I'll speak to them about price with the alterations and will update you guys later

That's a 36? Wow. Don't get the wrong idea, it doesn't look horrible, I'm just surprised that it's cut so full and boxy as a size 36. Do you mind telling us where you got it from? If you want a slimmer suit, have you tried looking at Zara/Uniqlo/H&M/J Crew ? I would imagine a size 38 from any of those stores would fit you better than this one does.
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for me the jacket is too long.


arms to be reduced, slevees are too big.

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More judicious advice has already posted, but as a recent newbie to SF (2 months), I recently took a RTW Charles Tyrwhitt charcoal suit to be tailored. Nothing too extravagant or expensive, given it was my first time to have a suit tailored.

I had two alterations performed:
Jacket taken in
Trouser length (both pairs) lengthened and taped

Result is for £55 the suit feels and looks much better. In fact, I've appreciated the suit a whole lot more - especially viewing myself in full-length mirrors, and when worn with a blue shirt with faint herringbone pattern.

I still dislike my Loake 1880 Aldwych's in terms of style and the damned stiff upper leather and the sole. But after tailoring, they look 100% better and I can now 'live' with them.

If you notice the difference, then it will be palpable through your confidence when you wear your suit, and you'll carry yourself [posture] better. You'll also start to pay attention a hell of a lot more to what people wear during your commute and have to refrain yourself from making bitchy RuPaul style remarks in your head.
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Yep. Shorten sleeves a bit, take in waist a bit. Shoulders are passable/fine. If there's any excess fabric in the back it can typically be adjusted to look better.

Pants have some alterations needed but nothing huge. You can have everything done for under $150 most likely.

P.S. Throw a little color in there. Not a fan of that 3 different shades of blue look and all solids.
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When you guys talk about the pants, I assume you're referring to the first two images? The last two images do not show the right pants

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