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Big & Tall downmarket that doesn't suck?

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What brands have you found that come in tall sizes that seem to be better quality but are still maybe more mid level brands?

The hubby finally decided he needs a new wardrobe, everything is either old and worn or doesn't fit. Wanting to not buy lots of expensive
investment pieces also since he is at a weird weight. Going on knee surgery #4, his weight is up and down. So it doesn't make sense to
buy really expensive investment pieces to have them be two sizes to large in 6 months to a year.

We have picked up some nicer things out of Nordstrom's store brands here and there over the years, but things like accessories or shoes since
they rarely have extended sizes.
Being we live in the sticks we have to either mail order things or wait until we make a trip to Chicago or Minneapolis.
The whole big and tall size throws everything out the window. They are hard to find even in a real city and always
quite a bit more in cost compared to the same thing in a regular size range.
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How big and tall are you talking? How downmarket are you looking for? You probably don't want a whole new wardrobe now, just enough stuff to make do until weight stabilizes, yes?
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Right some pieces to get by but needs just about everything. Work is business casual (very loosely applied). Right now about a 3xlt or a 2 xlt depending on brand, 6 foot 4. I need to re-measure for a suit size. I think he is running about a 54L or 54 XL
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Looking for used stuff on eBay is probably your best bet once you get his measurements down. Obv fit will never be really spot on without being able to try stuff on first, but as it's just a stopgap, it's probably the best way to get things to hold him over without spending much.
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