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New outfits: critique welcomed!

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I've spent the past few days assembling a wardrobe, please comment on my fashion ideas.


I'm going for value-for-money and am focusing on the basics right now. So: blue, grey, white and layering. I have fair skin and brown hair. I plan to get black shoes and wear black/silver accessories.


Are light-coloured jeans good?


(1) Are light-coloured jeans good? I don't like them. I like the layered brown with blue---it complements.




(2) Checked shirt is open for more casual style. Are there shoes too dark for this outfit? How do the trousers fit?





(3) Spring season blue. This outfit looks wrong somehow.





(4) Basic spring outfit. I like the fit of the shirt.

(5) I quite like the khaki-and-grey combination. I believe grey and purple go well together. Could use some different shoes.
(6) Clubbing outfit (except the boots)---purple DKNY polo is well fitted but not too smart. I like these dark Diesel jeans, how's the fit?
(7) More formal, wintery outfit.
(8) Quite smart, but taking the edge off with the shoes. Jeans look too baggy here to me.
(9) Really comfy shorts. I like this summer look.
(10) Are these blue chinos too baggy? Are they meant to be comfy fit? I'm not sure about the shirt-trouser combination here.
(11) Layered: grey t-shirt, blue shirt, grey hoodie. Looks bad to me somehow. How could I improve this?
(12) White t-shirt, bright-blue checked shirt, light-grey cardigan. Looks better than number 11, still not great in my opinion: don't know why.
I'd be really grateful for any help!
Thanks :)
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Not interesting to anyone else? This is what mensimageconsultant is all about. Probably the styles are too low-brow for the forum's tastes.

The layering with unfastened shirts doesn't look good. Especially with the white tee shirt that looks like an undershirt. Slovenly. Yes, the blue pants are too baggy.

The shoes in 2-4 look like slippers. Wrecks each look, which otherwise is fine. 5-6 are good*. 7-9 are okay. With the exception of how the pants fit. The knees look locked or hyperextended, which causes bagging in the area. Also, the pants are too long. The Diesel jeans look too baggy throughout the legs.

In general, the outfits that include some dark pieces look better than those that don't. All the button-front shirts look fine in and of themselves.
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Go no logo!


Unbutton the bottom button on the button up cardigans. Pulls awkwardly and Edward VII was fat. Seem to fit well though.

Also, footwear.
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Send the clothes back, browse this forum for a few months, go shopping again, profit.

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The 3rd look minus the shoes is pretty good.


Otherwise, I'd return and re-invest.


Better to have a couple very nice things than a bunch of mediocre things. 

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Posted 4 Days ago. Today's date is April 5th


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