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Roman / Saville Row Structured Shoulder ?

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Which RTW brands would have more of London / Roman cut with structured shoulders and a suppressed waist? Dege & Skinner at Saville Row seems to be the most prototypical for that, as they do the military uniforms It seems Brioni has as similar cut as well, apparently more Roman as opposed to Neapolitan. I'm looking for something more accessible that wouldn't cost as much as D&S or Brioni. I got one good suggestion which was the London Cut from Suit Supply, anything else? I'm also looking for more casual Safari Jackets too.

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Chester Berrie
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I have a "London Cut" suit from Suit Supply and if you want a very suppressed waist you may want to have the sides taken in even more as I did. It is a great suit for the money though and superior to anything else sub-$800 I've seen. The "Washington Cut" is actually more structured and slimmer and but only comes in peak lapels if that's an issue. The website used to have the drop # for each cut but as of now it looks like they removed that feature.
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After messaging others it seems these are the brands with the more structured shoulders are:


Tom Ford (expensive!), Ralph Laurel Purple (Chester Barrie?) , Ralph Lauren Black (Caruso?) , Phineas Cole, SuitSupply London, Hugo Boss


Do any of these brands come with a wider leg opening say 8" - 8.5"


RLBL seems quite narrow, I didn't see any info on SuitSupply site.

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