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Roman / Saville Row Structured Shoulder ?

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Which RTW brands would have more of London / Roman cut with structured shoulders and a suppressed waist? Dege & Skinner at Saville Row seems to be the most prototypical for that, as they do the military uniforms http://www.degeandskinner.co.uk/military-heritage/ It seems Brioni has as similar cut as well, apparently more Roman as opposed to Neapolitan. I'm looking for something more accessible that wouldn't cost as much as D&S or Brioni. I got one good suggestion which was the London Cut from Suit Supply, anything else? I'm also looking for more casual Safari Jackets too.

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Chester Berrie
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I have a "London Cut" suit from Suit Supply and if you want a very suppressed waist you may want to have the sides taken in even more as I did. It is a great suit for the money though and superior to anything else sub-$800 I've seen. The "Washington Cut" is actually more structured and slimmer and but only comes in peak lapels if that's an issue. The website used to have the drop # for each cut but as of now it looks like they removed that feature.
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After messaging others it seems these are the brands with the more structured shoulders are:


Tom Ford (expensive!), Ralph Laurel Purple (Chester Barrie?) , Ralph Lauren Black (Caruso?) , Phineas Cole, SuitSupply London, Hugo Boss


Do any of these brands come with a wider leg opening say 8" - 8.5"


RLBL seems quite narrow, I didn't see any info on SuitSupply site.

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